Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Aku just nak beritahu yang kenape entah aku tak berapa suka dengan perkataan `comel' especially bila perkataan tu keluar dari mulut orang lain.

Comel, perkataan yang indah tapi entah aku semacam alah dengan perkataan yang juga dalam bahasa inggerisnya `cute'

Pelik juga

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Makan: Mee Rebus Tulang ZZ

Just a short review and recommendation to whoever that planning to have a trip to Johore, a must try Mee Rebus Tulang + Daging at Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang. The predict, sinful + juicy + delicious that you can get for a Mee Rebus Tulang. One of the makan place that recommended by most people especially the Johorean. Most of the offerings are great! Just to be name a few Mee Hoon Sup Daging, Soto Ayam, Lontong Kering, Nasi Ayam Penyet and Bubur Nasi

These are the summary of the place
Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang
Location: Jalan Petrie (JKR Daerah) if you coming from Tebray Highway look out for Tune Hotel signboard and Jalan Mahmoodiah, its located near Thistle Hotel and Dataran Sultan Abu Bakar.
Recommendation: Mee Rebus Tulang, Lontong Kering and Sup Tulang
Businnes hour: 07.00 am - 11.00pm

Slurpp your self to the picture...

Dah lama tak buat....

Seingat aku dah lebih 2-3 bulan aku tak workout semacam tahun 2009 melainkan main basketball setiap malam Selasa dan Khamis. Planning je lebih nak alternate day workout iaitu Isnin dan Jumaat akan bertandang ke gimnasium berhampiran tetapi hampeh memang dah jarang gila pergi. Patutlah pembentukan dan kenaikan badan berada pada tahap drastik dan membimbangkan, tak boleh blah lah.

So aku bertekad walaupun aku outstation ni, dari 2 minggu extend ke 3 minggu kat Johor Darul Ta'zim ni, aku pun mengagahkan diri ke gimnasium pada hari ini dan pada hari ini jugaklah aku ke gym 2 kali (tak pernah dibuat dalam hidup aku berkecimpung dalam arena ini). At least aku dah berjaya membuat perkara yang dah lama aku tak buat sejak balik dari outstation Indonesia pada awal tahun ni, sejak tu memang kadar kehadiran ke gym amatlah membimbangkan serta ketidak seimbangan makanan yang diambil membantu menambahkan nombor dalam jumlah berat badan.

Aku amatlah bertekad lepas ni, aku akan bertandang ke gym mengikut jadual (sendiri buat je) demi kebaikan.

p/s: sorry entry agak poyo
p/s/s: terima kasih sebab melayan
p/s/s/s: lupe plak amik gambar gym Hotel Grand Paragon ni, nice gak

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Project Chloe: Overview

I have stumble upon on a planning to revamp my beloved Chloe, this are the brief plan for the machine including performance and beautification:

  1. I will replace the stock rims with a new set of wheels in 17" by either from Advan, Lenso, Advanti or the like. I will try my best to use original rims for you Chloe. Cost: RM 2500
  2. Before i increase the power of the horses beneath Chloe, I will put some stopping aid at the rear part of the machine, planning to put disc brake at the, maybe to support the power that will be soon unleash I will put some ATX or Bendix, errr subject to budget availability. Cost: RM 500/pair
  3. The plan is to stabilize the voltage in the car, and I planning to opt for Raizin by Pivot to handle and stabilize all the electricity that running the car from the ECU. Cost: RM 200
  4. To punch up a little bit power before unleash its full potential, I also have plan to change the stock exhaust unit to another twin exhaust unit with new 4-3-1 extractor. Cost: RM 1500
For the mean time, I think this is sufficient enough for my budget and insyaAllah I will post the progress of it in different post.

Salam Aidil Adha

Salam Aidil Adha to all my muslim friend around the globe. Guess what, this year is my first time I'm celebrating this holy festival away from my family and relatives. For the eid, I usually will celebrate it with them at my dad's hometown in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan alas for the last 23 years I've been there celebrating the eid and for the 1st time in my 24 years of life I celebrate this raya at Johore as it fall during my audit fieldwork in Nusajaya, it is quite sad but I think this is the sacrifice that I've to condone for my job.

Today, just the same thing I've done for the past 23 years I woke up early and ready to perform the solat sunat Aidil Adha, after ate my breakfast at the hotel I asked the boy that pour my coffee for the direction of the nearest mosque and he told me that the nearest will be either at Tebrau or Larkin. Owh, goody I think I will opt for Masjid Larkin as I knew the place that situated near Larking Sentral. I drove there with my baju melayu and yes I made it in time before they started the solah.

After the solah and Aidil Adha sermont, I head down to nearest Petronas to withdraw my money hahaha I run out of money okay, huh. After that, I just go to the Burger King that adjacent to the Petronas and what do you know I had these for my second brekki, hahaha...I'm that hungry okay as I just had light breakfast earlier....

Burger Kind have this new offering, Angus Steakhouse Burger....FFFFUUU, it is so sinful and I ate that with a nice cuppa of Joes, that just made my day in this holy day. 

And now, I seat in front of my laptop and writing this blog while having Cadbury Bournville Simply Dark, another sinful thing for this raya.

Anyhow, have a blessfull Aidil Adha! XD

Thursday, 4 November 2010

it has arrived

Few weeks ago, after I came back from my short-N-nice Kuantan trip I stumble upon a brown box with a quite familir logo...oh my it has arrived. At last after waiting for more than 3 weeks even for a small shipment whereby I don't know the cause of the delay (from the merchant to the U.S address), all in all the item has arrived and I was relief. This has arrived....

They used DHL, well at least they used quite prominent logistic provider rather than plain-old airmail. Hmmm, I wonder from who....

Its from SEPHORA, one of the prominent beauty shop in the world, like SASA in Malaysia. You can judge me all you want but I'm buy from therm because I want to test the hopshopgo services and yes in a less than 5 days my package has arrive after I've confirm the shipment. Cool!

This what I ordered....

A toiletries set from Anthony Logistics as I always on the go and frequently on outstation, that is why I buy this and I also get free sample of Tom Ford Miniature and Bella Nude Perfume.

Damn, I will use their service again, with now I have added my Visa Debit Card in my Paypal account 

Deepavali: Top 5 favorite Indian food

Tomorrow Malaysia will be celebrating one of the most prominent festival for the Hindus which is Deepavali or the festival of light. Happy Deepavali to all my Hindus friends and to others have a happy long weekends!

When it comes to festivities like this, there are always good food, yes abundant of them and for these Deepavali celebration, I would like to share to all of you top 5 of my fav on Indian foods, here goes:

  1. Vadai - Owh my a wholesome doughnut like-fluffy-spicy that is taste good when you have it pipping-hot fresh from the sinful-deep fry-oil. I can't stop to think of it, hmmm...maybe I'm going to have these for lunch and its cheaper than doughnuts, fuck you western doughnuts!
  2. Chapati - A flat bread that made of whole-wheat flour and cooked on a flat skillet with little oil, yes it is healthier that roti canai. Like any other Indian food, it is good when eat with dhall or curry, while some places will offer potatoes-curry or sardines. Wholesome!
  3. Banana leaf rice - Another sinful delicacies and delicious too, I have my favorite place to eat these at Jalan Gasing, and while you enjoy it and add-that-this-and-everything, wait till the bill come. Nonetheless, it taste good and you can have a lot of dishes to get along with the rice and aroma of the  banana leaf especially when most of the fried dishes will be fried there and then. Heaven!
  4. Roti Canai - One of Malaysian favorite breakfast that also called as Roti Parata in Singapore and other countries. Best to eat it while it is hot so that you can still taste its fluffiness of the inside and crispy on the outside. Best to eat with dhall and curry.
  5. Masala tea -  It is a spiced milky tea where it is a little bit eye-opener (depending amount of spices that were mix into the tea) that an alternative to espresso (another eye-opener in the morning). Good to have is as an after-lunch-drink especially when you just finished a full leaf of banana leaf rice.
There you have it, I would like to know about your favorite Indian food, how about yours?

Friday, 22 October 2010

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory in its fourth season that comprise the life of 4 fictional geniuses, one an applied physicist, Leonard Hofstadter, a theoretical physicist, Sheldon Cooper, an aerospace engineer, non-PhD, Howard Wolowitz and a particle astrophysicist, Rajesh Koothrappali that are equally geeky and socially awkward co-workers and friends set in Pasadena, California.

There are also an attractive blonde waitress and aspiring actress, Penny who live across the hall that share their live in most awkward way. Well, I must say that this sitcom always give me a good-silly-laugh since Friends, that 70's show and 3rd Rock From The Sun. While most people, favor How I met your mother but not me as I find that the comedy are somewhat dry, IMHO.

To whom that are searching for a good sitcom for your free-time, this is a must. Enjoy

p/s: beware of all the scientific lingo that being used and for comic lovers out there this sitcom is also for you

Sweet Blood

I just love cool and chic design! Most of the things especially packaging can be redesign to get away from the bored-looking all over again. I have been a blood donor for quite some times and all I can see is the old-semi-curve rectangular shaped pouch that indicate with blood information and again look bored and scary.

I have stumble across this cute looking called `The Sweet Donation Bag' which is an attempt to redesign the blood collection pouch. It features a sleeve with a large cut-outs indicating the blood type (A, B, AB & O), how about the `negative' sign for me? as Imma B- person.

The overall design is much more refined that the current-old-looking bag as it looks sturdier. Nonetheless, the looks is slick and tidier to be seen and I guess it won't reduce the needle pain. Lol

Source: Packaging Of The World

Thursday, 21 October 2010

What banks that you prefer?

Does it ever come to your mind that actually do we really need a number of banks instead of one? I mean well for me, we should as to cater for different of needs i.e, savings, operational and stuff. Nonetheless, I used to have 5 banks in my custodian and nowadays it has been reduced to 3 banks and I might be adding another one later. These are the 3 banks that I used nowadays:-

Maybank - I used this bank since my final year time (late 2007) when I was in UiTM where the transition from Bank Islam to Maybank. I just into it their ever-popular and ultra efficient online banking portal which is the My first credit card also from this bank and I just love it ever since, the short falls of it as i found at the rates and the charges are quite high and some times you didn't notice the hidden charges, maybe because of their good service. Nonetheless, I will continue to use their service.

Bank Islam - This is the bank that I used since I started my UiTM days (mid-2005) as this is their official bank after they change from Affin, and yes, I like their Islamic banking features and used it as my no-touching-saving-account. Since, I have a problem with their online banking features, I just can't comment much on it, but I bet it have improve much since.

Bank Simpanan Nasional - My first formal saving account is from this bank which I opt it when I was in foundation level (mid-2004) and I still used them for my travel savings and sometimes most of my friend will make fun of me as my `student' bank is still active, well it show that I'm a loyal customer.

I have plan to opt for one more bank next year and still in the midst of research and comparison stages as nowadays there are a lot of shariah-based banks in the market and their offer are also quite lucrative.

So what banks that you prefer? and why is that?

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Wah lama sudah

Salam all!

Agak lama sudah tidak ku jenguk blog kesayangan-ku ini, with all the workload that inconsistently come and go that making all my ideas in a blockage!. Well, at least I still remember some of them, still I just don't have the idea where to start.

Nonetheless, I will try to update the blog as frequent as I can even though not much of people who reading my blog (amboi ayat kesian plak XD)

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Salam blog walker,

It's has been a while since I've post a new entry since Raya, how are you guys? feeling great? I hope you guys have a great time on what ever you are doing.

Last weeks, I had the chance to sent my cousins who will be further their studies oversea which Syahida is pursuing her studies in United Kingdom and Najihah in Jordan whilst couples of days before Raya my other cousin, Syahirah went to Ohio, United State of A. I'm very proud of them as a cousin and as a family because at least one member of each family has their representative that were studying overseas including my little brother who continuing his studies at Minnesota, USA, Syakirin, Washington, Syafiqah, Australia, Helmi, Aceh, Kamilah, Jordan, Nadirah, New Zealand and Kak Maryam, Egypt.

What can I said is was, I'm very proud of them as a family members of these family and hope that you will bring whatever knowledge that you had learn to our beloved country.

Me, proud to be UiTM product and insyaAllah I'm considering to pursue my Master abroad too 

Sunday, 12 September 2010


Salam blow walker,

Yes today is the 2nd day of Hari Raya which I celebrate it to the fullest with my ever loved relatives, cousins and families. But apart the happiness that lies on top of this celebration, there are also more and more clue that still kept me think and wonder mostly about feeling, yes you might think that I'm just a bunch of guys that think to much into this crap things and I should just have fun and enjoy life. Hey, a person need to take care of his/her own feeling right and to do that, the feeling is in need of a clear answer or a clue so that it will lead the person to somewhere or maybe if the answer is not in favour with the feeling that lies beneath into the heart (I really don't like to rely on my heart because sometimes it can hurt myself more).

For me, to start some thing or in my case will need the support from the related party as a catalyze so that the same thing will not or doesn't happen again which the game of heart is not meant to be play again...the clueless feeling which for me it kind of make me uncomfortable even though it is manageable but still the uneasy feeling is still there and it can't just be ignore that ain't easy.

More people said that to me that, just enjoy your life and until the time comes, it will come to you...for some reason I strongly agree about that but until when? until I reach the age that people will be eager on bombard me with those typical + silly questions that I don't really feel good to give a good answer, in a funny way I can but for how long? I need a strong and concrete answers. 

Promises and hope, yes that's something popular these days which there a quite number of people `like' to give that to me that sometimes I feel that, "Are those words are genuine?","Should I believe in your words?" and "Are you kidding me?". Words are easy to use which it can motivate people and also de-motivate one who couldn't think twice before putting the hope on those words and yes I has learn to analyse all the words that coming from the mouth of every people that are pour towards me especially people that like to give their hope, please don't play with words as it can give 1001 meanings and ideas to people that in the receiving end.

This is not an entry about a specific matter and I think it is more towards what I feel, what I think, what I have experience, what I believe and what the thing that make me understand. Regardless of all that, more and more questions kept returning to my mind and I can't resist or run from it as it just not the way.

People, please appreciate if you can think more before you use your words (that's also referring to me) as sometimes your words can build up people's hope with genuine one and the rest will just destroy it with a scar that will lie forever. If you choose to give a clue, give a clue that will leads the person to somewhere that has its end or will give the clear picture, if you can't give those so just forget about giving the clue and just say it straight to the person face. Don't play with people's heart it might waste the receiver time and yours as well.

I know some people just do that maybe because of their bad history and what not which they choose to `try' it to other people to show them what it feels to be hurt. But not all of them are like that, that is why I use the word `some' and the rest usually this issue occur because they still feel uncertain or they are facing peer pressure from people around them.

I'm not writing to show that I'm hurt or mat jiwang or the rest of words/title that you can think off, this is the fact that what I observe which some of them I might have use them and now is the time for me to change for me to be a better person.

Nevertheless, what I'm rambling here will not going to change unless the action being taken and I hope I can do that and you people too!

Have a nice productive day ahead! If you reading this, what do you think?

p/s: I'm learning from day to day to understand

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Soul Kitchen

This is one nice German language movie to watch, a drama where chef Zinos Kazantsakis runs his restaurant called Soul Kitchen with a little more than a wing and prayer. Despite the rather mediocre yet simple menu, he has a regular customer who seen to enjoy the low prices and friendly atmosphere.

I must say this is one of nice Germany's movie that should be watch by movie goers out there with a nice and simple story line about ups and down of a chef's life. More info you can check it out here and here.

I have a good laugh watching this, enjoy!

Rating 4 out of 5

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Maaf Zahir & Batin Syawal 1431H

Salam all blog walkers,

Hey, it's been a while and that day will come in a few days, what day it is of course, we're going to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Fitri a.k.a Eid Mubaraq =)

InsyaAllah we will be celebrating the Holy month of Syawal on 10 September which is this Friday, yeay!. Personally, it is so sad to leave the Holy month of Ramadhan, the month that InsyaAllah will bring you all the prosperity and redha from Allah SWT as these were the month that we as muslims have the chance to improve our ibadah instead of fasting. We will be missing you =(.

Yes, it will be quite long holiday with celebration and good foods! Just now I received a call from my uncle urge me to come back early to kampung in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan tomorrow morning, ni tak lain tak bukan nak mintak tolong bakar lemang. Well, I think it should be fun, it's been a while since I do that XP

Soon I'm going to upload some photos, so lets the photos describing the fun!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all the Muslims around the world especially to the blog walkers, I'm asking for the forgiveness from you in the Holy month for what I've done especially the wrong doings previously, from deepest of my heart, I'm SORRY

Have a blast Hari Raya celebration 

p/s: For my cousins, nephews and nieces...wait for your duit raya ait, this year might be less ahahahha...kidding

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Step Up 3D

The third installment in the Step Up franchise, same-old plot and story with different location (New York). You can bunch of previous Step Up character being brought forward for this time around like Moose, Camille, Smile, Cable and Kido. As usual, the dance move getting better through out the movie and goes also for the songs with added pump of 3D where you can feel the water splashing in your face (not literally).

All in all, it is one of good movie for this kind of genre after You're Got Served and yes this movie is better to be watch in 3D, no kidding.

3.25 out of 5 (for awesome dance move) 

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Kicks #3: Nike Overplay IV

Salam blog walker,

Last few-nights, after a long wait I managed to get my hand on my new basketball kicks which I bought from my friend's sister that currently studying in UK with a low-ball price!. Even though for an old model, in Malaysia these old model of Nikes will still cost you about RM 170 and above and sometime when you have the money they don't have the size for your small asian foot..sigh.

At last after few years venturing into this game without the proper basketball shoes, and now I've have the chance to improve my game with this new kicks. I love this game!

p/s: I always have a passion for nice kicks

Urban Myths - Busted!

Salam blog walker,

I stumble upon this article from one of my favorite magazine regarding how the urban myths that usually being told to you by your mom how to stay safe, well they have their expert said that, "Mom, you not always right" we go

Not the CD just the word hehehe

Going in and out of air-conditioned buildings is harmful
Verdict False
Michael Seidman, M.D.,director of otologic and neurotologic surgery for the Henry Ford Health System, Michigan said that big temperature swings don't make you vulnerable to colds.
Real Threat The building's air won't harm you, but its surface might. Some viruses can survive on surface like doorknobs for days. Wash you hands regularly, and go as you please.
MY SAY preventive is better than cure..still

If water is stuck in your ear, stand on one foot and tilt your head
Verdict False
"Your ear canal is curved, so just tilting your head often isn't enough to release the water, said the same doctor
Better Move is to tilt your head so that the waterlogged ear faces down. Place the tip of your index finger in the cup-like spot at the bottom of your ear, and position your thumb behind the ear on the cartilage above your earlobe. Hold firmly and wiggle your ear to straighten the ear canal and dislodge the water.
MY SAY usually I just swing my head left and right

Campfire or grill smoke is dangerous
Verdict True
The smoke's particulates can damage your lungs, says A.James Mamary, M.D., of the Temple lung center.
Protect Yourself stay upwind and you'll be fine.
MY SAY hmmm...I always think campfire is fun..dangerous?Naaa...

Don't drink from a hose - IT'S GERMY
Verdict Partly True
"No germs live specifically in garden hoses," says Charles Gerba, Ph.D., a professor of environmental science at the University of Arizona. However, the hose's end may have rested in animal poop.
Stay Safe keep your lips off the hose. Or go inside the house, for cripes' sake!
MY SAY lols with the Ph.D's statement and yes why don't you go to the nearest 7Es to get your self a nice mineral water for crying out loud

Dunk an open wound into the sea because saltwater helps heal
Verdict False
The sea is full of bacteria, which can enter your cut and cause sores and fever.
Clean Fast Spit on it."A digestive enzyme in saliva can clean wounds and kill microorganisms,: says dermatology professor Adnan Nasir, M.D., of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Then apply a waterproof or liquid bandage to block bacteria.
MY SAY dunk open wound into the saltwater...emmm..ouchh?

Scratching a bug bite makes it worse
Verdict True
Light Scratching inflames immune-system messenger proteins at the site, intensifying the itch, says Dr.Nasir.
Cool It Down hold a chilled drink or an ice cube on the bite. "Low temperatures slow the body's chemical reactions and make the skin's itch signals travel sluggishly to the brain," says Dr.Nasir. For nagging bites, use any antiseptic solution, which calms itches with camphor.
MY SAY but i like to scratch it...scratch gooood

Don't swim within 30 minutes of eating
Verdict True
More blood is drawn to your GI tract after eating, which can cause minor cramps, says Christine Carter-Kent, M.D., a gastroenterologist with the Cleveland Clinic.
Feel It Better if you swim and feel ill, sit and wait it out.
MY SAY burpp...hey let's go deep into the water...emmm..sorry I'cant swim hehehe

Men's Health Magazine
Google Image

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Hello September

Salam, to blog walkers,

Congratulation! a big one to my beloved country as yesterday 31st August 2010, we has gone 53 years of Independence and we will also be celebrating the Malaysia day on the 16 of September 2010, which mark the day that Malaya been combine with the Borneo island and become Malaysia on the same date 1969.

Today, is 1st September, new month in Muslim holy month of Ramadhan 1431H where there are about 10 days before we are celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri. 

New month, new planning, new objective, new attitude (I really hope on this) and new aggressiveness towards work. Nonetheless, as we become older day by day, we must learn to improve ourself (that also apply to me) and we must do the best that we can to fulfill our dream.

Make the most of today as yesterday has pass us by and new day tomorrow will come.

Happy day! Happy September

Just for illustration purposes...i think the lady is hawt =P

Friday, 27 August 2010

Cool Idea!: Panasonic Note

As I browsing around my Google Reader I have stumble upon the new update from one of my favorite packaging site that I've subscribed and yes it is a packaging for a stereo earphone by Panasonic, behold....

This cool looking packaging created for the Stereo Earphones Headphones RP-HJE 130 Panasonic. Designed by the German agency Schold & Friends, what a cool name for an agency beside the typical `group' or partner instead of `friends', creative. This packaging was inspired by the shape of a musical note for an effect as effective as simple.

I found that this type of packaging really bring out the functionality of the products which is a stereo earphone and specialized for music lover with the tag line `made for music', its really bring the products up. Nonetheless, i think this how they should package the earphone rather that usual plastic-pack in the market now. What do you guys think?

Source: Fubiz

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sweet #2

Salam blog walker,

Pursuant to item 3 in previous entry here, I've received a sweet present from one my my dearest friends for my belated birthday. She said that, she don't have anything else to give instead of this, well I think this is very cool and thoughtful of her (yes she is a lady), at least you remember my birthday and the best part is that I have a present!

It is a caricature of me and her sit side by side in a convertible with a registration number DEEN 24, another cool! stuff and you were driving, heheh well good for you and I heard that you have get back to driving well I will wait for you to drive me around in DEEN 24 =P. I'm very sorry that at first I didn't recognize the figure as it was dark in the car. I don't remember we used to go to the Taming Sari tower together? XP....I though you with the girls aite.

About the girl, I've known her indirectly back in 2004 when we was in Malacaa to pursue our A-Level study and apparently she was in different class. We just got the chance to know each other well we we were in the same class and group back then when we were in UiTM in 2005, and I still remember at that time she still with one of my friend from matriculation days and the story are history. Now, after nearly 7 years, we are still friends, and I remember last year I've confessed to you how I felt towards you and I think it was silly ait..hahahaha. Well, anyways thanks for still being my friend despite of the awkwardness after the `event' and I still think it is funny and I'm smiling while typing this. 

Appreciate for the present, you are so sweet and sorry for the delay on posting this so called article (I think it is much more of a journal than article..hehehe). Maybe we can hang-out later like the before without the awkwardness of course (fingers crossed...).

Look! You drive a convertible..or our head just too big for the roof...XD

p/s: I wonder why I didn't put WTW 3886 for my car, just realized it after I got the car...sigh

Monday, 23 August 2010

Kereta Bad Ass #2:Chevy Corvette konsep Ikan Pari

As far as the love of a beautiful design regardless whether it is for living thing or machine, behold!..a sexy concept from Chevrolet for it 50th Anniversary, the Chevrolet 50th Anniversary Corvette Stingray Concept...drolling and ready to sting!

Look at thos quad-tail-pipes!
p/s: Mencelah sementara I'm drafting my proper post..LMAO

Source: designlenta

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The ultimate break up song with a LOL

I got this from my friend phish and I found out this video is freaking hilarious and including this time I have played it on and on for a mere 10 times. This interestingly cool song by Cee-Lo and LOL to it.




Today, last night I think I'm happy because of several reason as follows:

  1. Chloe is clean again, yes couple hours after sahoor, subuh prayer, movies and newspaper reading later I went downstairs and picked up the pail and several beautification products for my girl. Head outside and fill the pail with tap water and mix it up with the special shampoo from your nearest shop. Now she looked beautiful again and yes Chloe is my new baby girl a car, silly? I don't think so.
  2. Iftar with my UiTM-mates at Red Wok, Seksyen 7 Bangi (will upload some of the picture later) which for me the place was a good place for people who craves for a steamboat + pan-grill style food like Seoul Garden but you don't need to put a hole in your pockets to enjoy a good meal. Thanks Anna for the reservation and thanks guys for the invite, hope we will meet again for our usual Raya Tour. About Red Wok, definitely will go there quite nice I must say, minus the crowd for the Iftar whoishh.
  3. Sweet present for my belated birthday this month from one of my good friends, before sending her back home..she gave me this present that is a caricature that shown an image of me and her sit in a convertible, sorry at first I don't recognize you that drove DEEN 24. Cool stuff!. Appreciate for the present and you are so sweet, maybe we can hang-out after Raya? (finger crossed...)...and yes I like you..still.
  4. Karaoke, at first we are planned to sing-our-heart-out at this karaoke parlour near Wangsa Walk, but when we reached there after the Iftar..OMG, look at the crowd and the we decided to go to Neway karaoke at Cheras Plaza and yes we managed to get a room and the rates were quite reasonable and at first we were given up till 5 a.m, but we has to stop at 2.30 a.m because one of us need to get back, its time 3 hours straight guys!.
  5. Early sahoor at McD, ahhh..its been 1++ years since I've been to McD, reason? well you know well enough. Nonetheless, as far as majority is concerned, I have no choice to have my meal there as my parents were currently at kampong and I'm all alone here (yes, typing this entry).
Well overall, after more that 10 hours outside I think it is one of my day that make me happy especially item no 4.(thanks again!) and Sunday is today..what I will do today after I wake up later?...any idea?

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Ads is my game

I always like advertising since forever, It is my passion even though I don't have the chance to be in the industry or make a living out of it. Still the passion is still there as I always envy the creativity that are shown by the player of the industry big or small which I'm really hope that one day I will be a part of it.

No idea?

Krups: Model

Mini: Small & Sweet?

Playstation 3: All in one entertainment system

Sugar free lollies

Mini: Fun

Peugeot 308: Fuel efficient?

Krups Coffee Maker: Wow!


Don't know what to do = procrastinator?

I'm quite agreed with my home boy, phish that currently I'am more into writing, even though most of it are crap but at least I have passion into it rather that what I do for a living. These few days back make me pissed off of myself as I really don't know what to do as I don't excel in the area that I've been assigned to and yes I'am aware that more-or-less it make my colleagues agitated but still it can't be help it. help me!

This is a one hell-off challenge for to do this new area and it not that I'm being ignorance or self-fish but I just don't understand the process of it, hey you can't expect that a year long work to be understand by 2-3 days especially from a person like me!. It so frustrating sometime, I want to help but I just can't give much even though I try to give the best that I can.

Still will try my best, and very..very sorry for the burden that you guys have to bear. (not that bear..ahahah).Ok now I'm making silly joke.

Akuarium Bad Ass!: Batumi Aquarium

Kalah Underwaterworld Langkawi, when you see this...

Batumi Aquarium = AWESOME!
Walaupun masih diperingkat konsep, rekaan dari firma arkitek Denmark Henning Larsen Architects yang telah memenangi hadiah pertama dalam pertandingan rekaan akuarium baru di persisiran pantai Batumi, Republik Georgia. Still it is one-bad-ass-concept-I-must-say.

Akuarium sebesar 2,000 meter persegi yang akan mengantikan akuarium yang lama terletak berhampiran pantai Rustavely Str. yang bersambung dengan Batumi 6 May Park yang juga akan mempunyai Dolphinarium dan Zoo, double awesome!.

Aku suka dengan rekaan yang diinspirasikan daripadan batu-batu di pantai Batumi yang terbentuk secaran berterusan oleh aliran dan pukulan ombak merentasi milenia. Struktur bangunan yang terbentuk dari formasi batu yang dapat dilihat dengan jelas dari darat dan laut. Struktur yang merangkumi 4 self-supporting ruang pameran yang dibentuk dari 4 susunan batu yang setiap satu mewakili kehidupan marin yang unik serta memberikan pengalaman yang luar biasa tentang kehidupan di laut.

For me, this significant expression inspired by nature will not only make Batumi Aqurium a spectacular new landmark in Georgia tetapi juga sebagai salah satu cara yang terkini untuk mengetengahkan pembelajaran tengan hidupan di dasar laut. 

Well Malysian we should have one of these in our shore, revamp our Underwater Langkawi is needed.


Online shopping made easy - HOPSHOPGO

Last few days I've receive an notification from Pay-pal regarding the website by comGateway who recently announce it collaboration with PayPal (me like PayPal) the lauch of HopShopGo (HSG), a one-stop center for shop, buy and ship gateway that will offer you shop-a-holic the access to more that 300,000 US online retailers! (I'm really drolling over it!)

For me online shopping is definitely the way to go, well no traffic jams, save the times looking for parkings and yes wandering around and looking for the best deals that usually will took more than 3 hours to (if I'm in a serious shopping mode that day). Having said that, one of the main barriers that is stopping Malaysian onliners from doing more online shopping has to be be the element of trust - scared of purchasing expensive things from foreign websites as they are of us is credit card fraud and the typical problems that we are facing as Malaysian that most of these online vendor totally omitting Malaysia as a shipping destination.

 Now, we may breath easy as the collaboration provide Malaysian shop-a-holic a new experience of online shopping (which i really like this part)...user friendly, fairly simple and straight forward service. You just log in to your HSG acccount (if you already have PayPal even me!). HSG provide shoppers with 2 types of services namely BuyForMe that shoppers can utilize HSG's payment platform should the your merchant of choice doesn't accept Malaysian credit cards and ShipForMeService if the merchant doesn't ship to Malaysia. As for me I use both, what the heck!. easy-peacy 

For a short time period, until September 30, 2010, the first 3000 registered users who make purchases with PayPal will receive a shipping waiver for the first 2kg of international shipping (well that is a lot literally), as well as a bump up to Prime Membership for the first three months.

I've already got my hand on this service and are waiting for my shipment and I would say that this kind of service are convenient and awesome!. Without further a due, go head down to the HopShopGo website at for more details, as well as a more in-depth look at their services, they have tutorial video too!, how cool is that!.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

mental block

Dear webbies,

Currently, I haven't have the time to update the blog as work is concern and also still compiling all the materials to be put in the blog.

No worries (really?), I will get back to you guys in due time with resourceful info or just pictures that kept my attention to share with you guys.

Stay put!


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Expression from the heart

I've been sitting down 
and spent MOST of
my time
thinking and wondering
what actually went wrong?
It is for the fact that I can never read minds
and would not be able to figure it out.

It was at ONE MOMENT that I've
failed your evaluation, though
it was at the wrong time my expression
of emotions was not delivered
out well.
But, what is it your friends has to contribute to 
your evaluation towards me?
is it them or me?

Acceptance towards what is you
today and what made
your before me
is not
easy, but I've made
my mind for
not turning back
but why?...why was the second thoughts?

If you think it is early to rush this relationship,
is it not to early
for you
to judge ME?!

Still wondering and thinking....

Memerangi Syarikat Umbrella (Fighting Umbrella Corporation)

Sudah diketahui umum dari siri Residen Evil (RE) yang awal lagi, yang Umbrella Corporation merupakan sebuah sindiket yang penuh dengan rancangan rahsia untuk menakluki dunia (a very typical intro,yes?). 

Okay, the fact is that this is the 4th installment from the previous trilogy of REs and they called it as Resident Evil: After Life aka REAL (okay, I think I just made that). This time they will bring it in 3D, yes ladies and gentlemen there's going to be a lot of action packed in latest 3D technology as I've seen the trailer the picture look real crisp and yes ALICE (Milla Jovovich) looked much more hotter in 3D.


Like the previous franchise of RE, the story goes in a world ravaged by virus infection that turning its victims into the zombies, yes the slow + creepy looking creature or the Undead. ALICE continues on her journey to find survivor and yes encounter with minions from Umbrella Corporation with deadlier battle than before.

Alice with double katana

Now she will not be fighting alone as she will get the assistance from an old friend that will fight the rampage of Umbrella's Undead that will takes them to LA, which they don't know whats waiting for them there, a deadly trap!. If will be given the chance to take the part of ALICE or CLAIRE (yes the comrades that is playes by Ali Larter) with Chris (Wentworth Miller), as usual follow my heart and my brain with lots-of-bad-ass-weapons and deadly-rides, I will dash through the millions of Undead that try to stop me! Kill-em-ALL! and yes head-shot is a must!

Claire and Chris Redfield along side Alice

wanna see my red eyes?

REAL will be showing in our shore this September and yes again in 3D thanks to Sony Pictures, this time the action will be real whereby you can feel bullets coming for your face along with zombies!. Let's get shooting! 

I hope this will be their final installment and yeah, I wonder what I will rate the movie hehehe.

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