Thursday, 12 August 2010

Expression from the heart

I've been sitting down 
and spent MOST of
my time
thinking and wondering
what actually went wrong?
It is for the fact that I can never read minds
and would not be able to figure it out.

It was at ONE MOMENT that I've
failed your evaluation, though
it was at the wrong time my expression
of emotions was not delivered
out well.
But, what is it your friends has to contribute to 
your evaluation towards me?
is it them or me?

Acceptance towards what is you
today and what made
your before me
is not
easy, but I've made
my mind for
not turning back
but why?...why was the second thoughts?

If you think it is early to rush this relationship,
is it not to early
for you
to judge ME?!

Still wondering and thinking....


phish said...

dude. i feel ya man. that what you wrote. beautiful.

najihah sahami said... strong k..

deenz said...

thank you very much guys!...ah its okay, that doesn't stop me to live on with my life

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