Friday, 27 August 2010

Cool Idea!: Panasonic Note

As I browsing around my Google Reader I have stumble upon the new update from one of my favorite packaging site that I've subscribed and yes it is a packaging for a stereo earphone by Panasonic, behold....

This cool looking packaging created for the Stereo Earphones Headphones RP-HJE 130 Panasonic. Designed by the German agency Schold & Friends, what a cool name for an agency beside the typical `group' or partner instead of `friends', creative. This packaging was inspired by the shape of a musical note for an effect as effective as simple.

I found that this type of packaging really bring out the functionality of the products which is a stereo earphone and specialized for music lover with the tag line `made for music', its really bring the products up. Nonetheless, i think this how they should package the earphone rather that usual plastic-pack in the market now. What do you guys think?

Source: Fubiz

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sweet #2

Salam blog walker,

Pursuant to item 3 in previous entry here, I've received a sweet present from one my my dearest friends for my belated birthday. She said that, she don't have anything else to give instead of this, well I think this is very cool and thoughtful of her (yes she is a lady), at least you remember my birthday and the best part is that I have a present!

It is a caricature of me and her sit side by side in a convertible with a registration number DEEN 24, another cool! stuff and you were driving, heheh well good for you and I heard that you have get back to driving well I will wait for you to drive me around in DEEN 24 =P. I'm very sorry that at first I didn't recognize the figure as it was dark in the car. I don't remember we used to go to the Taming Sari tower together? XP....I though you with the girls aite.

About the girl, I've known her indirectly back in 2004 when we was in Malacaa to pursue our A-Level study and apparently she was in different class. We just got the chance to know each other well we we were in the same class and group back then when we were in UiTM in 2005, and I still remember at that time she still with one of my friend from matriculation days and the story are history. Now, after nearly 7 years, we are still friends, and I remember last year I've confessed to you how I felt towards you and I think it was silly ait..hahahaha. Well, anyways thanks for still being my friend despite of the awkwardness after the `event' and I still think it is funny and I'm smiling while typing this. 

Appreciate for the present, you are so sweet and sorry for the delay on posting this so called article (I think it is much more of a journal than article..hehehe). Maybe we can hang-out later like the before without the awkwardness of course (fingers crossed...).

Look! You drive a convertible..or our head just too big for the roof...XD

p/s: I wonder why I didn't put WTW 3886 for my car, just realized it after I got the car...sigh

Monday, 23 August 2010

Kereta Bad Ass #2:Chevy Corvette konsep Ikan Pari

As far as the love of a beautiful design regardless whether it is for living thing or machine, behold!..a sexy concept from Chevrolet for it 50th Anniversary, the Chevrolet 50th Anniversary Corvette Stingray Concept...drolling and ready to sting!

Look at thos quad-tail-pipes!
p/s: Mencelah sementara I'm drafting my proper post..LMAO

Source: designlenta

Sunday, 22 August 2010

The ultimate break up song with a LOL

I got this from my friend phish and I found out this video is freaking hilarious and including this time I have played it on and on for a mere 10 times. This interestingly cool song by Cee-Lo and LOL to it.




Today, last night I think I'm happy because of several reason as follows:

  1. Chloe is clean again, yes couple hours after sahoor, subuh prayer, movies and newspaper reading later I went downstairs and picked up the pail and several beautification products for my girl. Head outside and fill the pail with tap water and mix it up with the special shampoo from your nearest shop. Now she looked beautiful again and yes Chloe is my new baby girl a car, silly? I don't think so.
  2. Iftar with my UiTM-mates at Red Wok, Seksyen 7 Bangi (will upload some of the picture later) which for me the place was a good place for people who craves for a steamboat + pan-grill style food like Seoul Garden but you don't need to put a hole in your pockets to enjoy a good meal. Thanks Anna for the reservation and thanks guys for the invite, hope we will meet again for our usual Raya Tour. About Red Wok, definitely will go there quite nice I must say, minus the crowd for the Iftar whoishh.
  3. Sweet present for my belated birthday this month from one of my good friends, before sending her back home..she gave me this present that is a caricature that shown an image of me and her sit in a convertible, sorry at first I don't recognize you that drove DEEN 24. Cool stuff!. Appreciate for the present and you are so sweet, maybe we can hang-out after Raya? (finger crossed...)...and yes I like you..still.
  4. Karaoke, at first we are planned to sing-our-heart-out at this karaoke parlour near Wangsa Walk, but when we reached there after the Iftar..OMG, look at the crowd and the we decided to go to Neway karaoke at Cheras Plaza and yes we managed to get a room and the rates were quite reasonable and at first we were given up till 5 a.m, but we has to stop at 2.30 a.m because one of us need to get back, its time 3 hours straight guys!.
  5. Early sahoor at McD, ahhh..its been 1++ years since I've been to McD, reason? well you know well enough. Nonetheless, as far as majority is concerned, I have no choice to have my meal there as my parents were currently at kampong and I'm all alone here (yes, typing this entry).
Well overall, after more that 10 hours outside I think it is one of my day that make me happy especially item no 4.(thanks again!) and Sunday is today..what I will do today after I wake up later?...any idea?

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Ads is my game

I always like advertising since forever, It is my passion even though I don't have the chance to be in the industry or make a living out of it. Still the passion is still there as I always envy the creativity that are shown by the player of the industry big or small which I'm really hope that one day I will be a part of it.

No idea?

Krups: Model

Mini: Small & Sweet?

Playstation 3: All in one entertainment system

Sugar free lollies

Mini: Fun

Peugeot 308: Fuel efficient?

Krups Coffee Maker: Wow!


Don't know what to do = procrastinator?

I'm quite agreed with my home boy, phish that currently I'am more into writing, even though most of it are crap but at least I have passion into it rather that what I do for a living. These few days back make me pissed off of myself as I really don't know what to do as I don't excel in the area that I've been assigned to and yes I'am aware that more-or-less it make my colleagues agitated but still it can't be help it. help me!

This is a one hell-off challenge for to do this new area and it not that I'm being ignorance or self-fish but I just don't understand the process of it, hey you can't expect that a year long work to be understand by 2-3 days especially from a person like me!. It so frustrating sometime, I want to help but I just can't give much even though I try to give the best that I can.

Still will try my best, and very..very sorry for the burden that you guys have to bear. (not that bear..ahahah).Ok now I'm making silly joke.

Akuarium Bad Ass!: Batumi Aquarium

Kalah Underwaterworld Langkawi, when you see this...

Batumi Aquarium = AWESOME!
Walaupun masih diperingkat konsep, rekaan dari firma arkitek Denmark Henning Larsen Architects yang telah memenangi hadiah pertama dalam pertandingan rekaan akuarium baru di persisiran pantai Batumi, Republik Georgia. Still it is one-bad-ass-concept-I-must-say.

Akuarium sebesar 2,000 meter persegi yang akan mengantikan akuarium yang lama terletak berhampiran pantai Rustavely Str. yang bersambung dengan Batumi 6 May Park yang juga akan mempunyai Dolphinarium dan Zoo, double awesome!.

Aku suka dengan rekaan yang diinspirasikan daripadan batu-batu di pantai Batumi yang terbentuk secaran berterusan oleh aliran dan pukulan ombak merentasi milenia. Struktur bangunan yang terbentuk dari formasi batu yang dapat dilihat dengan jelas dari darat dan laut. Struktur yang merangkumi 4 self-supporting ruang pameran yang dibentuk dari 4 susunan batu yang setiap satu mewakili kehidupan marin yang unik serta memberikan pengalaman yang luar biasa tentang kehidupan di laut.

For me, this significant expression inspired by nature will not only make Batumi Aqurium a spectacular new landmark in Georgia tetapi juga sebagai salah satu cara yang terkini untuk mengetengahkan pembelajaran tengan hidupan di dasar laut. 

Well Malysian we should have one of these in our shore, revamp our Underwater Langkawi is needed.


Online shopping made easy - HOPSHOPGO

Last few days I've receive an notification from Pay-pal regarding the website by comGateway who recently announce it collaboration with PayPal (me like PayPal) the lauch of HopShopGo (HSG), a one-stop center for shop, buy and ship gateway that will offer you shop-a-holic the access to more that 300,000 US online retailers! (I'm really drolling over it!)

For me online shopping is definitely the way to go, well no traffic jams, save the times looking for parkings and yes wandering around and looking for the best deals that usually will took more than 3 hours to (if I'm in a serious shopping mode that day). Having said that, one of the main barriers that is stopping Malaysian onliners from doing more online shopping has to be be the element of trust - scared of purchasing expensive things from foreign websites as they are of us is credit card fraud and the typical problems that we are facing as Malaysian that most of these online vendor totally omitting Malaysia as a shipping destination.

 Now, we may breath easy as the collaboration provide Malaysian shop-a-holic a new experience of online shopping (which i really like this part)...user friendly, fairly simple and straight forward service. You just log in to your HSG acccount (if you already have PayPal even me!). HSG provide shoppers with 2 types of services namely BuyForMe that shoppers can utilize HSG's payment platform should the your merchant of choice doesn't accept Malaysian credit cards and ShipForMeService if the merchant doesn't ship to Malaysia. As for me I use both, what the heck!. easy-peacy 

For a short time period, until September 30, 2010, the first 3000 registered users who make purchases with PayPal will receive a shipping waiver for the first 2kg of international shipping (well that is a lot literally), as well as a bump up to Prime Membership for the first three months.

I've already got my hand on this service and are waiting for my shipment and I would say that this kind of service are convenient and awesome!. Without further a due, go head down to the HopShopGo website at for more details, as well as a more in-depth look at their services, they have tutorial video too!, how cool is that!.

Happy shopping!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

mental block

Dear webbies,

Currently, I haven't have the time to update the blog as work is concern and also still compiling all the materials to be put in the blog.

No worries (really?), I will get back to you guys in due time with resourceful info or just pictures that kept my attention to share with you guys.

Stay put!


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Expression from the heart

I've been sitting down 
and spent MOST of
my time
thinking and wondering
what actually went wrong?
It is for the fact that I can never read minds
and would not be able to figure it out.

It was at ONE MOMENT that I've
failed your evaluation, though
it was at the wrong time my expression
of emotions was not delivered
out well.
But, what is it your friends has to contribute to 
your evaluation towards me?
is it them or me?

Acceptance towards what is you
today and what made
your before me
is not
easy, but I've made
my mind for
not turning back
but why?...why was the second thoughts?

If you think it is early to rush this relationship,
is it not to early
for you
to judge ME?!

Still wondering and thinking....

Memerangi Syarikat Umbrella (Fighting Umbrella Corporation)

Sudah diketahui umum dari siri Residen Evil (RE) yang awal lagi, yang Umbrella Corporation merupakan sebuah sindiket yang penuh dengan rancangan rahsia untuk menakluki dunia (a very typical intro,yes?). 

Okay, the fact is that this is the 4th installment from the previous trilogy of REs and they called it as Resident Evil: After Life aka REAL (okay, I think I just made that). This time they will bring it in 3D, yes ladies and gentlemen there's going to be a lot of action packed in latest 3D technology as I've seen the trailer the picture look real crisp and yes ALICE (Milla Jovovich) looked much more hotter in 3D.


Like the previous franchise of RE, the story goes in a world ravaged by virus infection that turning its victims into the zombies, yes the slow + creepy looking creature or the Undead. ALICE continues on her journey to find survivor and yes encounter with minions from Umbrella Corporation with deadlier battle than before.

Alice with double katana

Now she will not be fighting alone as she will get the assistance from an old friend that will fight the rampage of Umbrella's Undead that will takes them to LA, which they don't know whats waiting for them there, a deadly trap!. If will be given the chance to take the part of ALICE or CLAIRE (yes the comrades that is playes by Ali Larter) with Chris (Wentworth Miller), as usual follow my heart and my brain with lots-of-bad-ass-weapons and deadly-rides, I will dash through the millions of Undead that try to stop me! Kill-em-ALL! and yes head-shot is a must!

Claire and Chris Redfield along side Alice

wanna see my red eyes?

REAL will be showing in our shore this September and yes again in 3D thanks to Sony Pictures, this time the action will be real whereby you can feel bullets coming for your face along with zombies!. Let's get shooting! 

I hope this will be their final installment and yeah, I wonder what I will rate the movie hehehe.

Kereta Bad Ass: Ferrari GTO

Enjoy the sexiness of a machine....

I wonder if I can rob a bank tonight and have a hot chicks in red at the same time tonight....hehehe

Cool!: Spiderman on broadway?

At first i couldn't believe both my ears and my ears, my ears as Phat Fabs and Nadia from Fly.FM, announce that there will be Spiderman the live performance which as we know as Broadway in the US that will be showing in November. This morning I just laugh at it as `who am i kidding?' Spiderman? Broadway?...where he want to tangle himself in the small amphitheater, they must be joking.

I surf the web to confirm it, well Spidey is one of my favorite character and yes I don't believe that they can do a live-performance in Broadway for Spiderman and in musical. Yes, it is confirmed that the `Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark', yes that is the title of the show will be directed by Julie Taymor and based on the book by Julie herself and Glen Berger. Apart from that, the musical part will be handle by Bono and The Edge, yes! you hear me right, its Bono from U2, how cool is that!.

The poster
The cast that will be performing for the `your neighborhood superheroes, Spiderman are mainly new to most of us but well-known in the industry to named a few Reeve Carney who will play as Peter Parker, Jennifer Damiano as Mary Jane Watson and Patric Page as Norman Osborn aka The Green Goblin.

Peter Parker, okay that some good lookin' Pete
MJ, errr...hey Kirsten Dunts where are you...
Hopefully, the performance will be great with such a bad-ass lineup I must say. Nonetheless, the music will be awesome knowing that Bono and The Edge are behind it.
With Great Powers Come Great Responsibilities - Uncle Ben

Source: Spidermanonbroadway

Jam Bad Ass - Jam Analog Teleskopik

You will be drolling for

Ur202 - a telescopic stylish
This time around aku akan paparkan jam yang agak bad ass kesinambungan dari jam limited edition oleh brother obefiend, selepas aku browse through laman web yang diberikan, aku amat tertarik dengan rekaan jam UR202 dari syarikat URWERK ini. What is interesting about this watch is the design of the hand, yes! jam ini dikendalikan menggunakan jarum minit teleskopik yang beroperasi mengelilingi 3 orbit mengelilingi satelit jam, cool!. Jam analog ini merupakan rekaan jam pertama di dunia yang menggunakan inovasi terbaru dalam pembuatan jam, penggunaan sistem bandulan yang di regulasi dengan tekanan angin dibantu oleh turbin mini, double cool!.

Jam yang menarik ini terdapat dalam warna red gold, white gold, black PE-CVD platinum dan ALTiN. Terdapat juga versi special edition yang direka oleh master engraver terkenal, Jean-Vincent Huguenin.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Hari ini first day puasa

Alhamdulillah hari ini bermula lah we'all berpuasa and insyaAllah we'all diberi peluang oleh Allah SWT untuk mengharungi hari ini dah hari2 mendatang dengan ketabahan dan kekuatan.

Okay, mukadimah dah settle now me part, wah hari ini aku bagun tido untuk bersahur dengan sakit kedua-dua belah kaki merujuk kepada malam semalam selepas solat terawih ak membelasah 3 game bola keranjang di court biasa di ss1, kedatangan player malam tadi? menyedihkan because there were only 4 of us that came last night and aku cam biase akan teruskan jugak kerana passion aku terhadap sukan omputeh ni hahaha walaupun tak hebat mane pun =_=..

Berbalik kepada cerita kaki aku sakits (plural boleh letak dalam bahasa melayu tak..hahaha jangan marah cikgu, takpe nanti aku letak italic). Kesakitan pertama dialami mungkin kerana sudah lama tak berdiri lama, asal gune dua perkataan sama nak dijadikan cerita, 1 night of solat terawih dapat Iman juara tah'fiz memang menarik ah dia membacakan ayat2 suci Al-Quran, layang memang layan tapi mungkin kaki aku ni tak biasa sangat (oit lutut lemah ke) dan menahan la aku sepanjang 8 raka'at solat aku, lepas solat terus pergi pick-up meo and ashriq terus ke court.

Kaki kedua sakit sebab silap sendiri ke silap court aku pun tak pasti, nak cakap silap bola tak boleh because bola sentiasa di tangan bukan dikaki, perhatian ini adalah permainan bola keranjang atau basketball yang memang mengunakkan tangan. Ok, enough with the desciption, tak silap aku benda ni terjadi pada pertengahan game ke-2, apabila team aku (wah bajet ramai walhal 2 orang je) apabila hantaran mula diberikan aku mencuba untuk barge in tapi tak semena-mena terpeleot a.k.a terseliuh kaki aku kekiri, shock die boleh tahan gak, terhincut, terjingkit2 aku berjalan and yes, aku degil and memandangkan team aku tengah leading, ape lagi meneruskan perlawanan yang berbaki lagi 2 mata and yes, last 2 mata aku satu and anwar satu, nice! and kaki aku masih sakit.

Hari ini pulak, mental block second wave iaitu, until this blog written bow, I'm still doesn't have any idea on what I should do about this audit, yes this is Financial Management audit and I'm a marketing guy which in other words 'auditing is my bidang terjun'. Still, I will figure it out soon or later, ini bukan zaman belajar lagi boleh slow-slow, ini periuk nasi aku weyh. sigh

Selamat bergembira di bulan Ramadhan

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak 1431H

Salam sejahtera to all my blog readers and web goers,

Di kesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan kepada semua blogger, rakan-rakan dan pembaca blog sekalian terutamanya yang beragama Islam, selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubarak 1431H, mudah-mudahan penantian dan rindu kita terhadap bulan yang penuh mulia ini akan terubat dan dipenuhi dengan amal ibadah yang mendatangkan faedah insyaAllah.

Still in this blessed month, let us do a lot of ibadah together insyaAllah we will be blessed by Allah SWT

Anda boleh mendapatkan pelbagai wallpaper yang menarik mengenai bulan yang penuh baroqah ini  di iluvislam

Monday, 9 August 2010

Mental blocked

Hari ini aku tak tahu kenape..mental block sungguh, walaupun still in info gathering stage and we are require to gather all the information before we go into the field, aku still rase yang aku blur...boley macam tu...hehehe...

Lantak le kan, tengah cube la ni nak memerah otak, agak-agak korang semua tengah buat ape tu?

Saje berangan...boley =P

Whisk, Serai and Empire

What does these three got to do with the post, well Whisk and Serai were both located at the Empire Shopping Galery, Subang.

It was Sunday afternoon, me and a couple of friends were plan to hang-out at this new mall near Subang Parade, (infront of Sime Darby building) which I only had one in my mind: I want  macarons!

Ish...why is my back look comment

Before we went to the Empire Shopping Gallery, I had to pick-up my friends at 2 different location and it takes me about 1 and half hour until we reached at Subang Jaya, thanks to the traffic jam and my rusty navigation skills. Anyway, I this first few weeks they are giving the shoppers a free parking and yes there are a lot of people came to the mall.

At first we did noticee Whisk (the place that initially I want to go) but reminding that we haven't have our lunch so we head to the restaurant just in front of Whisk which is Serai.

This is a nice restaurant that serve mostly Malay foods but there also have steak burgers (yumm...must try that next time). The ambient is nice and cozy and the crowd also not to bad, it shows that the food is actually good!

Milky Bandung + Serai Platter...their signature dish

Serai Platter: The rice is soft and the Chicken is crispy outside with the fluffiness of its meat
with the right amount of 

Nasi Ambeng: An Old-Johore Delicacies with a modern twist and my friend like
it to be in this size and the lamb rendang is good too

Milky Bandung: Old time rose syrup + soda + condensed milk
a truly sinful drink

Honeydew Blast: The taste was mind-blasting (so its name), honey dew extract
with a hint of lemon taste

After we scatter around which the place is quite okay for shopping, most of the renowned brand are there. Well, after all the walking, we head down to Whisk and yeah, I need to wait outside of the shop as it was full-house.
the name

Macarons: In varies of colors and flavors, I like the chocolate and the blue one which
actually has the peanut butter filling inside
Red Velvet cake: One of the famous cake here in whisk, which is one of a
must-to-have and its goes very well with a cup of brew of the day
of cappuccino...nice!
All in all both both Serai and Whisk has gave me a different experience of eating, and you can have it side by side. It is a worth to try, and I would go to Whisk again to try their other signature desserts like Mockingbird cake, Carrot cake, cupcakes and yes they are also have the Red Velvet in the form of cupcakes.

p/s: Credit to Amir for the amazing photos, will need your service again later yeah dude

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