Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Kopi Eksotik Mudah Dibawa

Untuk pengemar kopi seperti aku, tidak sah jika sehari tidak mendapatkan secawan kopi ataupun dalam bahasa lama disebut secangkir kopi, Wah! memang enak selepas dapat menghirup secawan kopi semasa atau selepas melakukan sesuatu kerja, sukar untuk digambarkan dengan kata-kata!. Oleh kerana bidang kerja aku yang memerlukan aku always-on-the-go jadi aku memerlukan kopi ais yang lain dari yang biasa aku beli iaitu kopi premium yang dapat memberikan kepuasan kepada tahap yang diinginkan. Sebagai pengemar kopi dari The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (TCBTL) iaitu sebuah syarikat kopi gourmet yang pada asalnya dimiliki oleh seorang individu dari negara Uncle Sam tetapi kini dimiliki oleh sebuah syarikat yang bertapak di negara jiran kita iaitu Singapura. TCBTL telah melancarkan produk sedia-diminum terbaru mereka iaitu....
TCBTL Cafe Mocha Ice Coffee
This particular bottled iced coffee aku beli dari TCBTL di Pelangi Mall, Johor dengan harga RM 12++, anda boleh pilih sama ada nak yang tidak disejukkan atau sudah disejukkan.

Bones made of metal: Wolverine

Since I knew or make to know Wolverine in Marvel's X-Men series I always adored how the creator of X-Men made the idea on creating a character that look like mutant but the fact is that he is no mutant but a mere-artificially-created human or can I just said Super Human with his Claws and bones that made of Adamantium and has the ability to heal himself. Nevertheless, I think this ability made him one of the favorite character in X-Men series and has his own fan despite the ever popular Cyclop and Gambit.

One of the original X-Men members - Wolverine a.k.a Logan
Despite the ever popular X-Men franchise in term of their animated series and also a couple of movies, X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men 3. Marvel has took the initiative to made a movies that focus towards each of the popular character in the

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Land of the Desert

As the self explainatory subject, InsyaAllah if everything are okay I will be away for "work" purposes to the UAE, Abu Dhabi & Dubai specifically. I know it will be a hectic trip as we are in the midst of doing an ad-hoc work whereby a lot of interviewing and discussion need to be done as well here in Malaysia (going to Faber-Mercu-Faber) now and then.

If I have the chance I will take some photos of me there. When I popped the news to the DCs, they were like excited about me going there and asked me whether I have the time to go to the the F1 circuit, play snowball in one of the amusement parks and also to visit the Ferrari's theme park that is located in Abu Dhabi, Ferarri World. but the sad thing is that when I browse through their website I was stumble to see the ticket price for General Admission with a price tag of AED 225, which I think it's a normal price for a theme park that is located at the oil rich country Abu Dhabi.

The actual aeriel view of Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi surrounded by the desert (duh)
Looking at the price tag and also the work load that I anticipate, I think the chances for me to visit Ferrari World is very small in regards to the hefty price tag and also the time, but the main factor will be the price tag LOL. Anyhow, if I have the chance to see it from the outside pun okay. 

Can't wait! but at the same time I hope we doesn't need to go there as there will be a lot..lot of work to be done.

I really hope that I can see Eiffel Tower instead of Burj Khalifa

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