Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sweet #2

Salam blog walker,

Pursuant to item 3 in previous entry here, I've received a sweet present from one my my dearest friends for my belated birthday. She said that, she don't have anything else to give instead of this, well I think this is very cool and thoughtful of her (yes she is a lady), at least you remember my birthday and the best part is that I have a present!

It is a caricature of me and her sit side by side in a convertible with a registration number DEEN 24, another cool! stuff and you were driving, heheh well good for you and I heard that you have get back to driving well I will wait for you to drive me around in DEEN 24 =P. I'm very sorry that at first I didn't recognize the figure as it was dark in the car. I don't remember we used to go to the Taming Sari tower together? XP....I though you with the girls aite.

About the girl, I've known her indirectly back in 2004 when we was in Malacaa to pursue our A-Level study and apparently she was in different class. We just got the chance to know each other well we we were in the same class and group back then when we were in UiTM in 2005, and I still remember at that time she still with one of my friend from matriculation days and the story are history. Now, after nearly 7 years, we are still friends, and I remember last year I've confessed to you how I felt towards you and I think it was silly ait..hahahaha. Well, anyways thanks for still being my friend despite of the awkwardness after the `event' and I still think it is funny and I'm smiling while typing this. 

Appreciate for the present, you are so sweet and sorry for the delay on posting this so called article (I think it is much more of a journal than article..hehehe). Maybe we can hang-out later like the before without the awkwardness of course (fingers crossed...).

Look! You drive a convertible..or our head just too big for the roof...XD

p/s: I wonder why I didn't put WTW 3886 for my car, just realized it after I got the car...sigh

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Anonymous said...

Dear Deen,

T_T 1stly.. I’m speechless.. I pown x sure sapew yg patot terharu.. u yg dpt caricature ni kew..or I after reading dis “journal”~ hee! xD so sweet hun~

Kalo u still ingat I punyew wish kt wall u..

“Pak Deen,
Two tips on your birthday:
1) Forget the past, you can't change it....
2) Forget the present, I didn't get you one. (^.^) *Hahah!! nant i cari kt melaka eh eh..i hutang u punyew last year*……..”

**tapi bile sampai melaka..i tataw nk bli apew..x kan nk bg cencaluk / belacan kan?? Hahha~ **

So yeah..thanks 2 cieda n anna yg menyokong pemberian caricature nih!!

gmbar kt masew tgk teater mahsuri menjadi “inspirasi’ si pelukis masew tuh..Y gmbar I xbrapew nk jadi..sbb..supposely diew nk lukis I secare I terpakse angkat kaki jap sbb “duck tour” nak berlepas da time he juz draft me roughly b4 I left~ quite disappointed muke I x jadi sgt~ x( *tapi klo u prasan adew tahi lalat kt gmbar 2..okla..bley d’jadikan identity eh? Heee~ xD*

Taming Sari? Well Taming Sari kan melambangkan Melaka..Melaka melambangkan UiTM Melaka..UiTM Melaka melambangkan tpt I knal u.. ada paham??? x) Da 7 thn eh? Lamew kowt~!!

“Confession of Deen Shamshuri 09” x) no worries.. Awkward tu mmg nk awkward lamew manew?? Kt kan clic BBAM6A…I xley lari dr u..u pown jgn harap bley lari dr I k!! xP hee~

papehal pown..i’m glad u happy dgn present I ni..! Fuuuu~ x) So now..lets jom wayang!!!! Hee~

Nota: U post dis “journal” on 25-08-2010…tp baru skrg u update i???? nak kene cobit ginjal???!!!!!

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