Saturday, 21 August 2010

Don't know what to do = procrastinator?

I'm quite agreed with my home boy, phish that currently I'am more into writing, even though most of it are crap but at least I have passion into it rather that what I do for a living. These few days back make me pissed off of myself as I really don't know what to do as I don't excel in the area that I've been assigned to and yes I'am aware that more-or-less it make my colleagues agitated but still it can't be help it. help me!

This is a one hell-off challenge for to do this new area and it not that I'm being ignorance or self-fish but I just don't understand the process of it, hey you can't expect that a year long work to be understand by 2-3 days especially from a person like me!. It so frustrating sometime, I want to help but I just can't give much even though I try to give the best that I can.

Still will try my best, and very..very sorry for the burden that you guys have to bear. (not that bear..ahahah).Ok now I'm making silly joke.

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