Friday, 25 November 2011




Dah lama aku in hiatus  al maklumlah urusan kerja di luar kawasan read:outstation. Aku dah nak dekat seminggu lebih dekat India specifically dekat Bangalore dan sekarang dekat Greater Noida berhampiran Delhi dan Ghaziabad (sila google if tak tau).

Alhamdulillah so far, I like the environment mungkin sebab sekarang menghampiri musim sejuk so cuaca agak berangin dan sejuk sekitar 20 - 24 darjah celcius, bagi aku ok lagi kurang sikit aku berpeluh. Bercakap pasal berpeluh, aku hanya berpeluh dekat sini bila makan masakan yang pedas kat sini wow memang menarik.

Aku akan kongsi gambar-gamabr aku di sini nanti, sementara ini ni lah dia aku di Commercial Street, Bangalore

Syukriya and chaloo

Friday, 28 October 2011

[Teaser] Ulasan tentang buku

Aku terfikir sejenak tatkala membaca karya terbaru dari Nami Cob Nobbler berjudul Awek Chuck Taylor yang sudah boleh ditempah bersama Kitab Terfaktab #1 disini iaitu untuk membuat ulasan dari sudut pandangan dan pemikiran aku.

Mungkin tidak sehebat atau sedetail penulis lain tapi sebagai berkongsi pandangan dari sisi pemikiran aku.

Nantikan ulasan dalam tag [REVIU] maaf penggunaan ejaan manglish kerana aku rasa selesa dengan perkataan itu.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Kenapa aku jarang update?

As most of you knew lately I seldom update my blog if compared to last year and I think that the laziness to write in English has made up the reason for the long hiatus
Bahasa Melayu mode...
Aku jarang menulis mungkin kerana hilang idea ataupun perkara-perkara yang aku minati yang sebelum ini menjadi sumber atau bahan setiap penulisan mudah aku pun tidak aku utilize seperti dulu, mungkin mahu simpan info itu dalam diri.
Mungkin juga aku banyak menghabiskan masa di Facebook dan Formspring, rakan-rakan sudi-sudikanlah ikuti aku di Facebook aku, dan jika ada soalan sila tanya di Formspring aku, boleh?
Selepas ini aku akan cuba untuk kembali rajin menulis dan berkongsi dengan kamu apa sahaja yang aku rasakan menarik, mungkin lebih menggunakan bahasa ibunda aku sendiri.
p/s: aku mendapat jemputan untuk menjadi penulis undangan di sebuah laman blog baru, nantikan 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Never Give Up

These quote really give me the inspiration to move forward on my fitness level and almost everything that related to my life!

Never Give Up!
You can afford to be angry,
You can afford to feel disappointed,
You can afford to feel tired


You are not allowed to give up
-Raja Abdul Rahman

I have participate my first night marathon at Putrajaya of Men's Health Night Run 2011 and will continue to participate in any future event

Never Give UP!

Source: HooHa Asia

Cool Watches: Casio G-Shock G-8900A

Casio melalui model popular dan terlarisnya G-Shock G-8900 akan memperkenalkan 5 variasi warna baru. Variasi terbaru tersebut bakal memperkenalkan rekaan terkini dan berkerangka aluminum. Seperti model terdahulu, model terkini ini akan di sertakan dengan beberapa fungsi standard antaranya

  • kalis air sedalam 200 meter
  • kalis hentakan/gegaran
  • pancaran lampu belakang `LED Super IIluminator'
  • waktu bandar2 utam dunia
Jam tangan yang diperkukuhkan daripada resin dan aluminum itu dijamin ketahanan bateri sehingga 5 tahun untuk penggunaan yang berpanjangan.

Model 8900A ini akan mula berada dipasaran mulai November 2011

Komen: I will definitely get this!

Source: Hypebeast

Wordless Wednessday #1

Have a nice day!

Happy Deepavali

I hope it is not to late for me to wish Happy Deepavali to those who are celebrating it especially the blog walkers

May you guys have a blast on this `Festival of Lights' celebration. Deepavali Valthukkal! and happy holidays

Monday, 24 October 2011

Journey: Abu Dhabi

Hey folks,

My trip to Abu Dhabi was on April 2011 as stated in this Land of the Desert post. The reason of the delay is I has gotten tight up with my job and also I forget where did I placed all the picture of my work visit there.

I don't have the idea what to write as the trip were a work trip rather than vacation so, just wanted to share the picture that taken there since I already found out where I put those pictures.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Why not to love again?

If you admire the rainbow after the rain, then why not love again after the pain? (Shafaza Zara, 2011)
Found this statement from fellow blogger that I must said that I always envy the way she writes

It amazed me that a high school teacher can write and come out with such a beautiful quote. I somewhat agreed to the quote whereby even though you have met some difficulties in your love life in the past and at the moment there are new love that coming in but unfortunately because of the unforgivable history you don't give the chance the new comers to come in and nurture the care and love to you.

The meaning is very straight forward and it rhyme well with the sentences, most people like rainbow and rainbow only occurs after the rain has stops which some of us willing to wait for the rain to stop just to see the magnificent phenomenon created by Allah SWT and it happens again and again after rain.

even though you have been stroke off by pain over and over again, Istiqamah in yourself, give yourself a chance to move on and not dwelling in the past and accept new love...who knows, InsyaAllah that might be your true love

p/s: Always endure great quotes   

Monday, 17 October 2011

Back to college joke


Happy back to college folks (to whom it may concern)

Source: Hejibits

Long Hiatus


It has been a while (read: long time already) i've been in hiatus which I don't frequently update this blog. Don't have the idea what to write, used to think that I should write about my working life as currently it has been on amazing phase but when think about it futher, will be bored and there's no people coming here pun.

What make me want to write back?

Well for some reason, a friend just randomly asked me about my previous food blog which also has been idle for quite a long time and also she asked about my personal blog. Well, as usual the no idea reasons become my best answer to her and added the flavor of `no time' quote.

No idea? really?

It's not that I don't have the idea to write but the enthusiastic to write and elaborate the elements that occurred in my mind that make it hard for me to start typing, its not the same as writing report as that is my task to do it and it has been the drive for me to gain further information in order to complete the report on time. Oh yeah, FYI I'm targeting to issue my draft report by the end of the month and I hope this will be my greatest report for my first.

Report, what report?

Well, as most of you know that i'm in control & risk management working line short for Internal Audit. As such, our only product that we can sell to the client is well the Internal Audit report. Currently, I'm doing audit on sales & marketing at Johor and we have been here for nearly 3 weeks including the days that we has to come back to the office for discussion with my boss, that was fun!.

Now, I'm back again at Johor to re-clarify our findings and I'm hoping that I can issue the draft report in timely manner. Oh last weekend (Saturday night to be exact) me and couple of friends got the chance to saw The Secret Life of Nora by Enfiniti Productions at Istana Budaya, well the show was OK but the people who join me for the show were awesome.

Oh ya, before that on Saturday morning me and my team went to Cyberjaya Paintball park to train as like the blog it has been long hiatus since our last training as we target to enter the paintball tournament starting next year (read:small tournaments). I have bruise here and there and there are a lot that we need to improve and it is good that on that day we manage to get guidance from the pros and we still need to get the numbers for the team which we still has not come out with the confirmed numbers, yet. Wish us the best for it!

Don't date arent' you?

Don't have anybody to date

Next session of paint balling?

Well, one of my team mate has invited me to join other team in their paint ball session this Saturday, InsyaAllah I try to come as I hope I still have the energy since I will be driving back from Johor on the night before.

That's all for now, see yah X)

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cowboys & Aliens

Hello guys,

This would be my said on the latest movie by Universal Studios, Cowboys & Aliens which I watched last Friday night

The story line goes on slow but I think Jon Favreau (director of Iron Man) did it that way so that the audience will understand the movie which I think for me yes, it is easy to understand on the reason to why Jake had lost his memories at first.

Starring: Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde

It has been a while since we've been serve to a Wild-Wild West era type of movie and this has been a nice fusion take has a modern feel in it.

Daniel Craig doing a good job talking in `Cowboy' style accent instead of his typical British accents as a bond (fact:he is British).

I dont't know why the aliens use acowboy style to kidnapped the people from the town using lasso well at least it has been modernised using metal instead of rope, why dont you use laser beam or what so ever.

Olivia Wilde as always, look stunning in this movie and also her character of a different race of alien that determine to find out the weaknesses of the gold-sucking aliens.

The scene where the Apache work together with the cowboys is cool, the usage of spear and handgun but I wonder why they did't steal the laset rifle from the aliens when they died?

I like the character of Colonel Woodrow Dolarhyde played by Harrison Ford, his charismatic and personality of retired command officer that bring to the succesfullness of saving his sons with the others really nicely done.

I still wonder why the aliens wanted to extract gold from the earth which Jon Favreau doesn't elaborate much on it rather than when Ella (Olivia) said that it has the same necessity from the human in term of mining gold.

I think Daniel Craig is quite old for the charater of Jake Lonergan 

For a mere 118 minutes I found out this movie quite entertaining and Jon Favreau has bring to us something different apart from Predators & Aliens.

My rating 3.7/5
Nice to watch

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Ramadhan Kareem

It has a very long while since my last update aite, getting tight with work and other activity. Furthermore, I'am also getting hooked up with my new activity which is paintball that we usually play at least twice a month.

I will try to write again maybe share some articles or make a review, thus make this small blog live again.

I hope it is not late to wish all of you my beloved readers and blog walker, Ramadhan Kareem or Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa di Bulan Ramadhan Al-Mubaraq

Thanks for reading

Monday, 30 May 2011

Self-Improvement Corner: Jason Sudeikis says....

I have stumble this article from co-stars with Owen Wilson for the film Hall Pass and wanted to share with you guys,

`Eight Simple, Effective, and Exciting Ways To Help You Never Get Anything You Want' - how not to achieve anything you desire in life, be it friendship, a kiss goodnight, or world domination (especially if you're an angry alien), shall we?

  1. Stop saying "PLEASE" and "THANK YOU" - being polite and grateful will make people more inclined to help you. And if people are willing to help you, you may accidentally get something you want. Replace them with placegolders, like "NOW" and "ABOUT TIME".
  2. Avoid all eye contact - an absolute must!. Looking someone in the eye can come off as charming, or confident, or "normal". When dealing with men (or maybe superheroes), you want to stare at their hairline. Even if it's a good hairline. Keep staring.It'll get to them. With women, you're gonna wanna stare at theirfriend's breasts.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Project X-Sabertooth - Monster is born

On the weekend after my 1 week on job assignment at Abu Dhabi, me and my friend has set the time to start the project that I've been planning since the beginning of the year and saving for it since last year. The Project X-Sabertooth.

At first the plan was to opt for my friend old mobo (motherboard) which is from LGA 775 chipset from Asus but after much thinking and also considering that this monster need to sustain for another 3 - 5 years I opt for i7 chipset instead. These project comprise of 4 stages as follows:

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Kopi Eksotik Mudah Dibawa

Untuk pengemar kopi seperti aku, tidak sah jika sehari tidak mendapatkan secawan kopi ataupun dalam bahasa lama disebut secangkir kopi, Wah! memang enak selepas dapat menghirup secawan kopi semasa atau selepas melakukan sesuatu kerja, sukar untuk digambarkan dengan kata-kata!. Oleh kerana bidang kerja aku yang memerlukan aku always-on-the-go jadi aku memerlukan kopi ais yang lain dari yang biasa aku beli iaitu kopi premium yang dapat memberikan kepuasan kepada tahap yang diinginkan. Sebagai pengemar kopi dari The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (TCBTL) iaitu sebuah syarikat kopi gourmet yang pada asalnya dimiliki oleh seorang individu dari negara Uncle Sam tetapi kini dimiliki oleh sebuah syarikat yang bertapak di negara jiran kita iaitu Singapura. TCBTL telah melancarkan produk sedia-diminum terbaru mereka iaitu....
TCBTL Cafe Mocha Ice Coffee
This particular bottled iced coffee aku beli dari TCBTL di Pelangi Mall, Johor dengan harga RM 12++, anda boleh pilih sama ada nak yang tidak disejukkan atau sudah disejukkan.

Bones made of metal: Wolverine

Since I knew or make to know Wolverine in Marvel's X-Men series I always adored how the creator of X-Men made the idea on creating a character that look like mutant but the fact is that he is no mutant but a mere-artificially-created human or can I just said Super Human with his Claws and bones that made of Adamantium and has the ability to heal himself. Nevertheless, I think this ability made him one of the favorite character in X-Men series and has his own fan despite the ever popular Cyclop and Gambit.

One of the original X-Men members - Wolverine a.k.a Logan
Despite the ever popular X-Men franchise in term of their animated series and also a couple of movies, X-Men, X-Men 2 and X-Men 3. Marvel has took the initiative to made a movies that focus towards each of the popular character in the

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Land of the Desert

As the self explainatory subject, InsyaAllah if everything are okay I will be away for "work" purposes to the UAE, Abu Dhabi & Dubai specifically. I know it will be a hectic trip as we are in the midst of doing an ad-hoc work whereby a lot of interviewing and discussion need to be done as well here in Malaysia (going to Faber-Mercu-Faber) now and then.

If I have the chance I will take some photos of me there. When I popped the news to the DCs, they were like excited about me going there and asked me whether I have the time to go to the the F1 circuit, play snowball in one of the amusement parks and also to visit the Ferrari's theme park that is located in Abu Dhabi, Ferarri World. but the sad thing is that when I browse through their website I was stumble to see the ticket price for General Admission with a price tag of AED 225, which I think it's a normal price for a theme park that is located at the oil rich country Abu Dhabi.

The actual aeriel view of Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi surrounded by the desert (duh)
Looking at the price tag and also the work load that I anticipate, I think the chances for me to visit Ferrari World is very small in regards to the hefty price tag and also the time, but the main factor will be the price tag LOL. Anyhow, if I have the chance to see it from the outside pun okay. 

Can't wait! but at the same time I hope we doesn't need to go there as there will be a lot..lot of work to be done.

I really hope that I can see Eiffel Tower instead of Burj Khalifa

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Battle: Los Angeles

Hey guys,

Last Sunday, after I've sent my shoe for repair and me and my friends got nothing to do and we decided to watch this

instead of our original plan to watch Rango (damn!) but anyhow, here is my review

Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Who's in it: Aaron Eckhart (the guy as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight), Michele Rodriguez (you already knew her from most of action movies or most of the movies), Ne-Yo (yes the hip-hop star)
What's it about: When an alien invasion strikes all major cities on Earth, it’s up to Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz to lead a troop of green Marines into the heart of battle to retrieve civilians caught in the crossfire despite hes supposedly to retire from his 20 years of service.
Why I like it: It’s probably the best gritty alien invasion movie to date, with a great leading man in Aaron Eckhart’s tortured Michael Nantz and a multi-ethnic backup cast that can stand well on its own. The special effects are reminiscent of ‘District 9’ with its gritty real-life feel which what I really like about it. The action has been nicely done.
Why I don't: The aliens seem somewhat half-baked as I don’t really find out their motive for invasion except some speculations from an expert (water), and you don’t really see the aliens in detail. Some of the supporting cast merely serves as cannon fodder, and does Michele Rodriguez have to play every tough girl in Hollywood??. Nevetheless, yes it is very Americans movie.
Verdict: This is popcorn entertainment at its best- an action film with a very human plot that puts you in the protagonists cheering squad every time. Unfortunately, some of the plot isn’t quite there, but it doesn’t really matter if you just want to see humans repulse an alien invasion through nothing but indomitable spirits.
Ratings: 3.5 out of 5

Sucker Punch

Last week, I manage to watched this movie that I've been waiting since last year when they roll out the poster of Blondie. Yes, for 2011, I would change the format of my review to a simple version rather than `karangan' style

Director: Zack Snyder (the guy who also involve in upcoming Superman movie)
Who's in it: Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Abbie Cornish, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone
What's it about: Locked against her own will and framed for a murder she didn't commit (usual stuff), Babydoll (Browning) turns to her new friends to devise a plot to escape from the mental institution by, get this, her imagination (more or less like Inception).
Why I like it: Guns, bombs, flying kicks and visually-pleasing effects; the film doesn't get better than this. Best to watch all that on the on 2D or 3D. Plus it's Zack and he can do whatever he wants; even if it means dressing five hot girls in scintillating outfits (I really like this)
Why I don't: About the plot, there's nothing visionary about it as I don't see the punch albeit the `Sucker Punch' for the title. I must said that it has terrible storyline as some of the story has been cut-short maybe to give the way for the imagination of Babydollm but brilliant effects.Pity

Verdict: I still give this film a spin for its dramatic direction, albeit the careless plot. We reckon Zack should just stick to directing and leave the storywriting to others. Anyway just enjoy the all-round-slow-motion-effects. Nuff said
Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (maybe extra 0.5 for the girls)

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Hey guys,

Sorry for the long hiatus, I've been hooked by my work and also never ending invitation from friends to join this and that which it was a fun thing to do since I've no commitment to adhere to. Anyhow, I have gotten into my reading mode back and yes, not just blog reading as I manage to buy some books for this 1st quarter (I've planned to but couple of books for every quarter of this year).

Some of the books that I've already bough were Doctor In The House - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed, Get Rich and Be Happy - Robert T.Kiyosaki (one of my favourite author) and also The Greatness Guide: Book 2 - Robin Sharma. As at this time, I have read the first 2 books in the list whereby I found out these are some of the great materials to read and the reason I only started with this two books is that the 1st book is very thick which I only got the time to read and will try to read one chapter or more each night as it is quite thick for a mere 100bucks book (that is considered cheap and worth buying) and the other is the Kiyosaki's book which at this time I manage to read near to half of the book in one day as it so interesting on how to make the money work for you and to realized that to have a stable income does not promise you a better life.

Further, I also has found out that Esquire has landed it feet into Malaysia market, and yes I already gotten a copy of it the Premier Issue and was thinking to subscribe with my Men's Health subscription which up till now I never manage to continue to renew my subscription which I am planning to do it soon.

Happy reading guys!

p/s: This just a short post as I'm writing it at the office while I have tonnes of work to do (chuckled)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Short term memory lost

I don't know it is me of my brain which is still me, I'm sort of encounter short term memory lost and it is tremendously frequent which I don't know it is because of the work loads that comprising of lots of data analysing, eating to many crispy fish head (ohh nice) or it just happen to I'm easily forgetfull.

Last few weeks it sort of happens again whereby the information that I've gather more or less contradicting with the info that I get from others and yes, the frustration by the other party can be seen. I'm so sorry if maybe I look like pretending but I don't know how to put it that the short term memory lost is not a make-up and it is real deal. Maybe I should eat lots of healthy food and more towards consuming fish-based oil rather than its head. LOL

Saturday, 15 January 2011


is this stereotyping? nevertheless I think this is cool stuff

Source: 9gag via cangkir a.k.a my lil bro

Friday, 14 January 2011

who am i?

I have stumble upon a statement from my close friends which I'm very close to her referring that we've been together since our A-Level and we still contact each other till now.

Well she said that, sometime I will an inferior to her as opposed that in view of the lifestyle that I've been practicing which more towards urban, stylish and up-scale which I have a deep thinking on it, am I?

I don't blame anybody for saying that which sometimes I agreed with them but still I'm the same old me, simple, shy, unattractive and not your guy-next-door, better still people can be judgemental and usually we will be affected what people were talking about us and the result that you can see now more or less were from the feedback from people surroundings.

Why I'm saying that? because that's is how I'm, which I think why my friend said such thing because of the changes or improvement (not to say improvement per se but more toward evolution) that sees in me throughout the time after we were graduated from the university which most of us has step into the corporate world that require me look such away to convey the professionalism that instill whereby casual looks were prohibited in my profession which sometime I envy most of my friend that have `Casual Friday', furthermore I'm an auditor that most of the time requires me to deal with a lot different level of people around the group.

I don't see myself as an urban or modern type of person not because I'm an urbanites (literally) because I was born and breed in Petaling Jaya which I'm so proud of that as the city has developed much since I was born. Actually, I'm just like other people change in the effect of surroundings and environment which that are more towards my physical appearances and no comment on my attitude, that one you can ask from most of my friends on how much that did I changed in term of attitude throughout the years I befriended them.

About women, well I might have said what I `want' but in normal case scenario it usually the actual things will not 100% reflected what I had said before such as `face like and angel and figure like a devil' there are possibilities that I would what I want but still it depends on where and how and me being me I don't think I can get what I want instead what I need (previous experience). So, yes I can give a long list on what I want in for my dream lady but honey, that just a mere list and I bet 50% of the list will not reflecting the actual result. However, If my rezeki is okay, I still hoping that I will get what I want still I doubt it...doubt it hard!.

As my BFF always asked when to get a steady girlfriend and I would give her a mere standard answer on the jodoh and time consuming. Well, in regards to my 2011's resolutions I hope that I can find someone to be with to care and to share. Just wait for it.

There are a lot of things that I want to share with your guys about me but I'm the person that like to asked and love to answer all of your questions, so guys anything to ask you can just Formspring me, drop me an email or just comment it below.

p/s: I just feel so good that I manage to continue to write again
p/s/s: sorry for the lack of picture in this post as I'm just lazy to put any picture in it, just browse to my Facebook for pictures.

2011 New Year resolutions

Each year i'd have list (sort of) new year resolutions and for 2010 most of the items already achieved and yes for this coming new year, hopefully more and more items can be achieved that will bring a new promise to DONE IT! (i know it has been 14 days since the year started, who cares this is my blog and currently i'am very lazy in term of updating the blog, chuckled)

Let's recap for 2010's items:

SAVING (for saving no need specific goals or objective per se ,i.e, to get married, to buy a house ataupun yang sewaktu dengannya) just start saving for emergency purposes or for later days. Thanks to moneyStrand, my financial planning has never be the same again since much more structured yet simplified. Last year I've been testing the moneyStrand and I found it as a good financial monitoring at least for me after using the budget monitoring tool from Malaysian site that base on the Excel worksheet.

NEW CAR, the year 2010 will mark the a new path in my life as I managed to buy my first car after I've been using my 10 years old Perodua Kancil for about 3 years since my study years and I change it to Proton Persona Elegance (yipeee). I must say that I love that car as so far it does not bring me much problem yet hassle (maybe its a first-timer-luck) as for as much that I heard Proton is famous to give up problematic cars to their customer and that not happening to me.

SPEND WISELY, last year I must say that I couldn't fulfill this resolutions as I started to use credit card and I'am so into online shopping and I you see from my statement where most of it stated USD as the currencies and yes I must control this habit for this year (albeit I already do my shopping in the January itself hahaha)

MORE ACTIVE, as last year I had a lot of outstation to do that restricting me from going actives, i.e, gym, basketball or other sport activities and for this year I plan to improve on that by signing up to the gym near my office.

SOLAT, I'am happy that I manage to consistently to perform the solat even though sometimes time will prohibits me too but this is my obligations and I must obey to it.

APPEARENCES, well I would said same as previous year since I started working after graduated which from time to time I tries to improve on how I look, which didn't look like teenagers and to go more towards young-career-oriented person looks. I think I will keep improve on that this year

WORK PERFORMANCE, in view that I already done with my end-of-year review and I must said that I has gotten a good review from my superior which I would said that I have fulfill this objective very well indeed. Tahniah deen!

this are briefly my 2011 resolutions:

to SPEND WISELY need to do this since i am known for my impulse spending streak especially with online shopping from oversea.

to improve on SAVING which I already instructed my banks to transfer part of my salaries to other accounts for saving purposes, I also had the plan to invest in several investment mechanism such as UT, gold and properties which for a long-term will give me insyaAllah some benefits for my retirement.
I will need to place more emphasis on my appearance since my responsibilities has gradually increased that require me to keep a professional image especially to the clients
I think thats all that I think that I can share with you guys (which I think that just about it), if I draft a lengthy
resolutions which I'am afraid that i wouldn't manage to achieve it.

p/s: I think it is not to late for me to wish all of you Happy New Year 2011.

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