Saturday, 17 October 2009


it has been 6 days since i landed into this The Pearl of Orient state to work...yeah pure work and i hope this weekend my will give us our free time that i think that we deserved it after going around for 5 days in the large area that we observed.

well will continue to write if i have the idea.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I've seen Orphan today yet, somehow, Jaume Collet Serra manages to squeeze something fresh out of an old tale. Really thrilled one although i'm not a fan of psycho-path-killer-thriller movie.

There's plenty of shocks and also some laughs and Esther's "secret" is, original and bad-arse!.

Orphan doesn't hold a candle to the norm of a thriller films, but its better than the more recent ones like Joshua (which, coincidentally, Vera Farmiga also starred in, as well as having the same role (mother)).

Don't let the trailer fool you into thinking this is just another "evil kid" movie. Its really much more than that. This is definitely one of the better horror films to come along these days.

I loved it, and it 10x even better than the lousy Final Destination that doesn't have story line.

Go watch it at your nearest cinemas!

Deen's rating 3.75/5

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

i dunno what to say....

These were two movies that i watched recently....and my review are

I Love You Beth Cooper where no wonder people and viewer at IMDB give them such a bad rating not even close to 5 points, well the movie is totally crap actually! Both Hayden Panettiere (which i loike because she such a babe!) and Paul Rust give such a lame acting.

I wonder why i opt to watch this lame movie at the first place...low quality!...douche-bag!...lame... chic-flick movie that i have ever watched


The latest installment of The Final Destination which i couldn't give much comment on this movie as i haven't watched the last 3 series with the same title so my expectation is not so high (TG!) as i don't even plan to watch this movie. As circumstances, i opt to watch it and yeah this movie full of gory, killing, s!"t, blood all over the place with no proper story to tell despite of the suspense element that urge the viewer to wait the time for the next kill-fest going to happen.

Another lame movie..sigh!

Deen's rating
I Love you whatever! 1.5/5...sigh (not even worth it for download)
Final Destination 2.75/5...(killing-festivities)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

experientalist ;D

i hope i got the spelling correct and even the word also correct. Well day by day i'm getting more interested to read other people blogs especially all that convey the radical kind of ideas and opinion which somewhat give me the different type of perspective that i'm looking right now.

Anyhow, those ideas that sometime distract how my mind works kept me to find something new to think about and i hope i have more idea to produce more quality entry in near future.

So help me, taknak blog ni bersawang LMAO

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

brrrrr...its freaking cold

it's been a while since my last entry on this dear blog....just want to say its freezing cold hear in the office and thanks for my silliness i don't bring my jacket or what ever that can protect me form this blistering coldness. help!!...

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

crave for sandwiches

Right now i'm crave into sandwiches hence i willing to try any sandwiches that is available in the market regardless of it price and taste (Halal still being prioritizes). As to date i have try bunch of sandwiches from Subway mostly from it well-knows `Subs-Of-The-Day' range as it not just tasty but also mild on your pocket. Apart from Subway, i also has try sandwiches from Shell Petrolstation which is the cold-cuts sandwiches (not the normal sandwiches), Hoagies @ Sooka Senral which is fusion sandwiches from Philipinos master-chef (as stated in their cafe's wall), O'briens (Irish style) and Chilies club sandwiches.

Subway's sandwiches line (toasted is highly recommended ;D)

If you talk about nutritious i reckon the sandwiches from Subway and O'briens will be the closest contender despite their yummy taste so for those weigh-watcher, it is highly recommended to change your lunch `nasi' diet to sandwhic, surely make you full for the rest of the day.

Monday, 25 May 2009

its been a long time again....

hye...wah its been a long time since my visit here...i think to whom who link my blog to theirs the status must be more that 3 weeks now.

well, dewasa ini..with work-load that come in and also the actives that kept me to go outside most of the time, i'm hardly have the time to update my only journal of life..chewah~~So, at this time while waiting for the response from my client i kindly steal the time to write a blog just to update it..heheh...

my last weekend kind a hectic weekend for me as that weekend had made me to try the dance floor (heheh) as in the day-time i just procrastinating myself at home doing nothing but getting up with all the series that i've downloaded. Yesterday night, i watched Night at The Museum 2, well the movie was hillarious and hectic as their 1st movies Night at The Museum with much bigger cast and history that can be learn. But, in all i had fun watching the movies and you should too, cant wait to see other summer movies that will be coming to our list are getting longer when summer is come.

Larry get ready to save the night

Larry (Ben Stiller) alongside Emilia Earheart (Amy Adams, Enchanted)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

perang bantal~~wee

even though this story had happened last 2 weeks..but i think it is better for me to story out my new adventure which i endure it as first time in my life...chill on..

On 4.4.2009 dimana tarikh yang aku takkan lupe wat sementara waktu ni iaitu penyertaan aku dan rakan2 - Pet, Paan + Ajib dalam Corntoz Pillow Fight in conjuction with World Pillow Fight Day (hari camnie pun ade..ahh janji aku have fun). Jointly organized by Random Alphabets (RA) + keropok kentang Corntoz (xkan dpt free kropok pun..sticker team je..hehehe..boley la)

To shorten up the story aku straigh to the point yang event ni ialah team-based event which we were devided into two-group color coded by blue (my team) and white which controlled by the Pillow Fight Police (designated in Pink Sticker). At first we had to gathered at The Curve as per info given in the FB, then we were separated into two groups each followed different direction to the battle area which was at Cineleisure (ground floor), pak-guard + management The Curve tak bagi wat kat situ sbb emm..high class nyer tempat kowt..tah.

me with my mom's cushion pillow ready to eat the head of the white team...

after da gather due2 team..mule la huru-hara, taunting antara satu sama team yang lain..darn hillarious style 300 ade, cheer skolah ade macam-macam ada la. Then Zain HD (founder of RA), wearing his weird looking hat + weird looking spear in hand voice out the rules. The the fight begins with 2 session as per example below (amik scene aku suda..bagi gambaran), you can see the pillow stuffed has bursed out and scattered around (wut do ya aspect..hahaha)

Zain HD the ketua polis

Pet + Paan team-up to whacked me (darn..traitor)

there were all kind of people joining this event, i had noticed Brazilian couple, org putih, old-timer, teenagers, and even toddler joining the fun...all for one reason have fun for unity (ye kot..) tapi semua belasah sepuas2 nye...i dont care who i long as i got to whacked someone..LOL until my pillow has incurred a serious collateral damages before aku sempat menghabiskan upacara (surrender early..sadness!)

hancus pillow mak aku...

a picca with the organizer himself -- ketua polis pillow fight

at the end of the fight, all of us gathered for a group photos (yes why i put `s' because there were a lot of photographer taking our photos..official + unofficial rase cam celebrity lak). We also get to mingle with new friends (widen up our circle of friends) thats what i mean by unity where we all gather to meet new people with the same message in mind (cool!). We get to kenal2 dgn group of girl which kind of sporting and bubbly named as below. They are cute too!...note:puji ikhlas ;P.

making new friends shaziera + gurl tatau name and Anfaal (sporting dorang nie)

Pas habis group photo sume, we all get together and co-operate cleaning up all the mess that we have done la pas dah sepah2 kemas la balik kan..nanti management bising lak. So, from here also i cam here most of the people were having fun by the face expression that they showed literraly laughing + take picca with the feather + mingling with new friends. Then me + Paan + Pet and AJib treat ourselve at IKEA cafe having late lunch to replenish our energy.

after tired of pillow fighting...reward our hunger with Sweedish Meatballs and Daim's choc cake courtesy of IKEA cafe

group photo after the fight (grabbed from Zulhelmi Misran- thanks dude!)

Thanks to RA, Corntorz, Management of Cineleisure (for allowing this event to be realize), Management of The Curve (kuz tak kecow2 sgt), RA volunteers, photo + video graphers, friends and new friends...hope we can have much more and massive fight in the next year event insyaAllah...fiuh its quite an adventure..chill out >>deenz<<

why the hell i'm into blogging

i also dont know why and i dont even have the concrete reason to defend the argument...why blogging? Me-deen-blogging? Mungkin menulis blog yang telah menjadi platform paling fofular abad ini..laman2 blog dah tumbuh macam cendawan selepas hujan (serious s***t..there a lot of people into blogging now..for their own reasons. As for me, i just want to test my writting skills whether i can write or not but it seems that..there still a lot of space that i need and can improve in term of communicating, writting and express myself out in different type of medium which is literally very different in term of style of expressing it out.

So maybe aku pun dah terikut dgn budaya menulis blog nie, tapi who cares! ni free kot, aku tak perlu membayar sgt utk aku mengekspresikan ape yang tersirat...mungkin bill internet la yang aku perlu bayar (cheh family gak bayarkan..LOL!) memalukan diri disitu hahaha...AH! malu hape mmg betul kot.

Tapi blog ni mmg bagi aku agak bagus la utk sesiapa yang tidak mempunyai kemahiran yang luas dlm website creation untuk belajar asas dalam menghasilkan content and publish it out untuk tatapan umum dgn cost yang rendah dan tidak memrlukan skill yang tinggi. Syabas Google! for making this kind of site and to other to you guys for making the citizen of the world other option to look on rather than depends on the newspapers and other major media that sometime cant give the information that we are really needs...

there another thing that i've realized during my adventure of life >>deenz<<

place warming--

dear people....

owh...lega rasanya...
why?...dapat gak aku merelocatekan diri aku ke work-station yg baru (meja baru)
yang lebih meriah (which mean..not so isolated as my previous place which located at the end of the department)LOL...
...i hope all my neighbour will accept my present and involvement into the community (chewah macam kawasan kejiranan la plak)...
yang aku pasti perkara akan jadi lebih meriah work-station yang baru ni weee~~mengikut taunt seorang rakan yang begitu gemarkan mengunakan taunt seperti itu...aku pun ngikut menarik kan...

ari gak bukan tempat je kene tukar malahan pagi2 lagi aku telah ditelefon oleh hulubalang department yang menyuruh aku untuk menghadirkan diri di hadapan memanda menteri department tepat pukul 4 petang (waktu tadi) for interim performace evaluation...just realize it has been 3 month since i joined this company...leh tahan gak ketahanan aku...

bla..bla..bla..yes aku sedar aku memang kene improvekan diri aku sebanyak yang boley kuz aku bermula dari zero@kosong@0!..dari marketing ke auditing...kan lain tuh. Mungkin rezeki aku kat sini kan sape yang tau kan...i hope Allah SWT will grant me with more rezeki in this department and also line of work that i currently endure now...insyaAllah. Aku pun harap sangat there not much a major problem occurs while i'm still here...(pray-pray)

okay...there are a lot more need to cathing up, a lot more need to learn and a lot more need to experience yang boleh nuture aku jadi masyarakat korporat yang berjaya hendaknya...

there still more adventure to come chaloo~~ >>deenz<<

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

letih + gile

this week aku rase miggu yg fatigue utk aku..takpe2..tu sume cabaran kan...
so let the weeks goes on and wait for Friday to come..T.G.I.F beb...bergumbira!!! weee

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

OMG!..Pink Dolphin!!!

At firs i couldn’t believe my eyes when i read an article from the news, but when i see the picture myself and after several times of wiping my eyes, it is true indeed! A pink dolphin, well hello kitty have something to be afraid off now..LOL I don’t give a shit here..but this is true base on the news article where as a result of albinism, the dolphin has this `stunningly looking pink’ that also indicate by it red eyes as well as pink skin (changes of colour pigmentation). The dolphin is actually healthy, it just that the pinkish skin colour make me curious if this friendly mammal have any serious illness, but according to the article, the dolphin appears to be different in term of coloration on its skin which is quite beautiful and glowingly pink. The mammal is entirely pink from tip to tail with smooth looking skin, glossy pink without flaws. I wonder if i can have this dolphin for a pet, nice haaa...

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

another yawning day at the office~~



Today is Tuesday ..where this is another boring day that i need to face in the office until i will be attach to another team for my next assignment. Thus, actually i need to do some filing work apparently i doesn't really know the correct way to do it in this department even though my colleagues says that like a millions of time yesterday (err..not really millions...)...`there is not specific way and rules on doing this'..but for me, i still need to know how they do their filing as in professional way. So, that i can avoid myself for getting into trouble and lead me to do the same filing job for over again~~which mean twice.

As this morning, i go out from my house at about 7.15 am after woke up at 6.15 am..when it come to Mercu, waking up early is the main thing that i need to think..sighh. So, i has a though yesterday to use the LRT from Paramount Garden where the ticket much cheaper (kurang 10 sen..hehehe) and i doesn't need to pay any parking fees as i can park at the housing area nearby the LRT station where i need to berebut with other that is why the reason i leave my home early in the morning. I took me about ½ hour from the time i waited the train until i arrive at the office. Another 15 minutes driving from my home to Taman Aman. As arrive and scan my ID card, i take the elevator to 18th floor where my office located and i straight go to my workstation after scanning my card, then switch on the seems that other people don't arrive yet and it just me. Then, i heard someone callin my name,

S: Deen, breakfast?

D: Hmm..okay gak...

S: Dah breakfast lum?

D:Blum ah (actually i just had my light bfast at home..hheheh..nak social sket)

Then, me and one of our senior manager, mr.B, took the elevator and go to our one and only eating place..the Panorama Cafe that was managed by one of the hotel. The price is okay (cuz we got the staff discount lor thats why...). After a while, C, R, V and H joining us..and we chatted about how funny and good Slumdog Millionaire. Well the movie was really good in term of casting, props, environment, visual and storyline was good, even though mr.D taking the risk to give the leading role to bunch of new faces..and well he succeded.

After bfast, i go upstairs and the yawning moments starts when i heard that my boss, Ms.S, didn't come because she was taking MC and here i am, doing some sorting + FBing + surfing the net + mingle around and having lunch (at the same cafe...). Yawnnn....lll


This is life =P >>deenz<<


Monday, 23 February 2009

direct transfer

..hmmm...i hope u guys can read my first post, that is directly posted using Ms Word.

Today...just like any other, came back to work, dinner, drama session, work-out (sometimes), sleep...thats all...

Today, my work at P has ended and new assignment waiting at the M.U (hq) tomorrow is the day...and i'm a lil bit `chuak' to know my new assignment...

with a new team, but its normal process for a fresh graduate like mua...well the challenges i need to face, the more experience i will gain..., all the best to me......


Saturday, 14 February 2009

it was worth the wait!!

well the PGL show was really amazing! fantastic! artistic! annndd...mind blasting!....

at first i think that i never can make it cuz of the pain-in-the-ass traffic jam! tapi aku sabar gak meredah lautan kenderaan yang pelbagai model dan pengeluar..(pe ngarut nih..=P)...ak bergerak dr rumah dalam 7 p.m, while driving 1 new text message appear..

farihan:i dah sampi Asia Jaya (station tat i suppose to pick her up) on my way i tgh stuck in traffic jam (gosh..she is here!!!!~~a lil freak out) huhuh
farihan: ok

when i arrive there its almost 7.30pm, and satu lagi dugaan menimpa..another jam @ PJ Sec 13 (Ya..Allah gimme the strenght)..aku sabar je la menempuh jam tu n optimist that the jam will over @ Seremban/Cheras junction...yes! percaturan aku betul. After that juction jalan boleh dikatakan clear...dan aku teruskan perjalanan ke Istana Budaya di Jalan Tun Razak..then another traffic jam but not as bad as at the federal highway..fiuh...

we manage to arrive at IB at 8.10pm, after aku park dkt kawasan yg boleh dikatankan illegal, aku terus blah dan menuju ke lobby Istana Budaya, masuk2..i can see there are a lot of! this theatre mmg betul2 hype!..(i hope it will be a real good performance). I go straight to surau to perform my maghrib..and at 8.25, pintu dibuka..and aku sempat meninjau tiket2 dorang yang rata2 ialah corporate pass (which means they get it from their company which co-sponsor this show (why UEM yg jadi co-sponsor tak bagi tix free..hrmmm..) well most of them i think either public bank or rhb bank staff. Well there are a lot of people from the youngster to the oldies, from the students to the high corporate people..all of them gather to watch a really acclaimed a extravagant showmanship.

footage di lobby [above] nice decore of flowers + candle [below] suasana di lobby

after get into the hall, i straighly searched for our seat and yes there are our seat..well it is a very nice view from out seat! It is worth the price that we pay. The show started with act 1 with berlatarbelakangkan kerajaan Majapahit..and the show goes on..with fine choreographer, beautiful props, nice script, good songs....

As the show over, the standing ovation has taken place by all the cast including the props mover was backs by the nice music and as usual all the main cast will be standing in-front like Datin Tiara itself, Stephen Rahman, AC Mizal, Adlin, Yalal Chin, Ida Mariana..they were given the loudest applause from the entire audience. In my thought this was the best show that i have seen so far after `Kasanova’ that was held at MATC lead by , well this is an epic love story..and my money and my 3 hours time been spend wisely on that night. Both me and farihan feel glad that we have fulfilled our dream that night to watch the show after missing out the last 2 seasons because of constraint of time and money too~~.

After the show, i heard that there will be an autograph session; it is a moment that i can’t miss it for the world. So, i just bring my programme book and queued with other people, as we were waiting patiently here there are the main cast of the PGL where I can see a lot of people lift up their compact, DSLR, Video, hand-phone camera to get a snap of the actor and actresses. I saw Stephen Rahman, Datin Tiara, Ida Marina and adik Hazique who played Raja Ahmad..but sadly there weren’t sign of Yalal Chin, AC Mizal, Adlin and the most important people which is Datuk Zahim al-Bakri. I managed to get their autograph in gold marker wooo...shineyyyy~~~Lol

Then we just mingling around the hall and see all related article pertaining to the show, where i realized that Datin Tiara has use different approach in this theatre where she has use magic to make the show much more interesting. Well it works!..with all the special effect such as the pyro effect, the explosion, and also how they make Gusti Puteri missing under Bayan’s robe when Adipati army was searching for her.

It was one memorable night and I really hope that i can see much more performance as good as PGL, well to you out there if you have planned to watch theatre...just count me in!, i will find the time to join you.

This is one nice adventure and artistic too....loving art make me feel great! >>deenz<<

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

PGL sensation~~~

2 days more to PGL,
i'm so excited as this is my first time im going to such extravagant show..
wooo...i hope it will be good show as being reviewed by every newspapers that you can name of...sigh...

1 thing tat come into my mind is the 'traffic jam-mayhem', since i will be driving to KL, Jalan Tun Razak to be i wonder, how is the traffic situation after maghrib as that is the time that i plan to go.

and also...the parking!!!..gosh, in my mind there will be hundreds of car outside the IB so i hope i will not face any problem to find the perfect parking spot (as being told by my friend who is also will go in that same date)...

so i really..really..really hope that everything will going fine on that day.

i will post regarding the show after this...

chill as alwayz... >>deenz<<

Friday, 30 January 2009

3 days of 'fun'..LOL

its been 3 days since my CNY holiday passsed..while there are no sign of our 2nd boss to arrive where my big boss is on vacation. there are nothing for us to do except to do all the balance work that being left by our big boss before leaving for vacation.

TGIF!!!! i cant wait to go to Genting this weekends weee~~~have


Monday, 26 January 2009

1st time ever~~

C&C: Red Alert 3 (Premier Edition)!!!!

i will mark the date of 17th January, where that day mark my own history as i manage to buy original games...not only original!!! It is C&C: Red Alert 3 (Premier Edition)!!!! ,the most anticipated games for end of 2008 and also my all time favorite games.

i bought this bundle pack at The Software Boutique ( , SS 2. Hmmm..whats in this bundle? DICOTA BacPac C&C:RA3 edition, Microsoft Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard, and premier edition C&C:RA3 in uniques tin case...the price hmm...i think its a bargain compare to the market price of the item that being bundle into.

whatsoever...this games rocks..even though not to the max as the concept is slighly changes..but i still enjoy playing it..

COMRAT!! battle control terminated >>deenz<<

Sunday, 25 January 2009

when love and dream become one~~

PGL + Genting One Day

Yippieee~~~at last i got the chance to watch Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical setelah 2 kali aku terlepas...alhamdulillah, i got to watch it with a little kegilaan yg tak berape pernah aku buat sebelum ni..but the most important thing~~i hope that i would enjoy the spectacular show as it will be the last show cast by Datin Tiara..sob..sob..i think PGL will not alive if Datin Tiara not there as she is the mastermind if this epic project from the movies until the theatre that has gone till 3rd season..(that is darn long people!!) see you guys at Istana Budaya on 13th February 8.30 pm p/s: i hope i will know the way to get there...without getting lost!! LOL

as for genting..i with a group of friends has plan this trip for a long time since we finish out studies, the plan is distributed thru emails and sadly speaks from 12 peoples agrees to go it come down to juz 7 people and now it come to 6 people and i need to find another person to fill-in the 7th to you ot there who wish to have a one-wholeday-hell-of-fun, contact me!!!...

see ya~~~>>deenz<<

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