Thursday, 2 September 2010

Kicks #3: Nike Overplay IV

Salam blog walker,

Last few-nights, after a long wait I managed to get my hand on my new basketball kicks which I bought from my friend's sister that currently studying in UK with a low-ball price!. Even though for an old model, in Malaysia these old model of Nikes will still cost you about RM 170 and above and sometime when you have the money they don't have the size for your small asian foot..sigh.

At last after few years venturing into this game without the proper basketball shoes, and now I've have the chance to improve my game with this new kicks. I love this game!

p/s: I always have a passion for nice kicks


rabiatulpaid said...

fuulaweh,balanja r bro ;p

deenz said... way!

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