Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Project Chloe: Overview

I have stumble upon on a planning to revamp my beloved Chloe, this are the brief plan for the machine including performance and beautification:

  1. I will replace the stock rims with a new set of wheels in 17" by either from Advan, Lenso, Advanti or the like. I will try my best to use original rims for you Chloe. Cost: RM 2500
  2. Before i increase the power of the horses beneath Chloe, I will put some stopping aid at the rear part of the machine, planning to put disc brake at the, maybe to support the power that will be soon unleash I will put some ATX or Bendix, errr subject to budget availability. Cost: RM 500/pair
  3. The plan is to stabilize the voltage in the car, and I planning to opt for Raizin by Pivot to handle and stabilize all the electricity that running the car from the ECU. Cost: RM 200
  4. To punch up a little bit power before unleash its full potential, I also have plan to change the stock exhaust unit to another twin exhaust unit with new 4-3-1 extractor. Cost: RM 1500
For the mean time, I think this is sufficient enough for my budget and insyaAllah I will post the progress of it in different post.

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