Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Battle: Los Angeles

Hey guys,

Last Sunday, after I've sent my shoe for repair and me and my friends got nothing to do and we decided to watch this

instead of our original plan to watch Rango (damn!) but anyhow, here is my review

Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Who's in it: Aaron Eckhart (the guy as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight), Michele Rodriguez (you already knew her from most of action movies or most of the movies), Ne-Yo (yes the hip-hop star)
What's it about: When an alien invasion strikes all major cities on Earth, it’s up to Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz to lead a troop of green Marines into the heart of battle to retrieve civilians caught in the crossfire despite hes supposedly to retire from his 20 years of service.
Why I like it: It’s probably the best gritty alien invasion movie to date, with a great leading man in Aaron Eckhart’s tortured Michael Nantz and a multi-ethnic backup cast that can stand well on its own. The special effects are reminiscent of ‘District 9’ with its gritty real-life feel which what I really like about it. The action has been nicely done.
Why I don't: The aliens seem somewhat half-baked as I don’t really find out their motive for invasion except some speculations from an expert (water), and you don’t really see the aliens in detail. Some of the supporting cast merely serves as cannon fodder, and does Michele Rodriguez have to play every tough girl in Hollywood??. Nevetheless, yes it is very Americans movie.
Verdict: This is popcorn entertainment at its best- an action film with a very human plot that puts you in the protagonists cheering squad every time. Unfortunately, some of the plot isn’t quite there, but it doesn’t really matter if you just want to see humans repulse an alien invasion through nothing but indomitable spirits.
Ratings: 3.5 out of 5

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