Wednesday, 11 February 2009

PGL sensation~~~

2 days more to PGL,
i'm so excited as this is my first time im going to such extravagant show..
wooo...i hope it will be good show as being reviewed by every newspapers that you can name of...sigh...

1 thing tat come into my mind is the 'traffic jam-mayhem', since i will be driving to KL, Jalan Tun Razak to be i wonder, how is the traffic situation after maghrib as that is the time that i plan to go.

and also...the parking!!!..gosh, in my mind there will be hundreds of car outside the IB so i hope i will not face any problem to find the perfect parking spot (as being told by my friend who is also will go in that same date)...

so i really..really..really hope that everything will going fine on that day.

i will post regarding the show after this...

chill as alwayz... >>deenz<<

1 comment:

;) said...

dah content and satisfy kah? ^_^

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