Thursday, 16 April 2009

why the hell i'm into blogging

i also dont know why and i dont even have the concrete reason to defend the argument...why blogging? Me-deen-blogging? Mungkin menulis blog yang telah menjadi platform paling fofular abad ini..laman2 blog dah tumbuh macam cendawan selepas hujan (serious s***t..there a lot of people into blogging now..for their own reasons. As for me, i just want to test my writting skills whether i can write or not but it seems that..there still a lot of space that i need and can improve in term of communicating, writting and express myself out in different type of medium which is literally very different in term of style of expressing it out.

So maybe aku pun dah terikut dgn budaya menulis blog nie, tapi who cares! ni free kot, aku tak perlu membayar sgt utk aku mengekspresikan ape yang tersirat...mungkin bill internet la yang aku perlu bayar (cheh family gak bayarkan..LOL!) memalukan diri disitu hahaha...AH! malu hape mmg betul kot.

Tapi blog ni mmg bagi aku agak bagus la utk sesiapa yang tidak mempunyai kemahiran yang luas dlm website creation untuk belajar asas dalam menghasilkan content and publish it out untuk tatapan umum dgn cost yang rendah dan tidak memrlukan skill yang tinggi. Syabas Google! for making this kind of site and to other to you guys for making the citizen of the world other option to look on rather than depends on the newspapers and other major media that sometime cant give the information that we are really needs...

there another thing that i've realized during my adventure of life >>deenz<<

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