Thursday, 28 August 2008

the beautiful of TV commercial

Does anyone that always mugging about how the TV Commercial is disturbing your moment when watching your favorite dramas, football life-telecast, movies and even cartoons. But do you know, TV commercial is so beautiful where it get me interest and realize the the important of it where it is the platform to the advertiser to create the awareness towards their products or services.

Some of them is simply done yet some come out very fascinating!. So im thinking to make this section that can share my interest with all the readers about advertising where i will post all the TV commercial that has kept my attention. Lets start with this advertisement from electrical appliances from Italy - Ariston and how they wanted to show the benefit of their new washing machine AQUALTIS in a superbly speaking dang creative and lets the video do the talking...enjoy!! >>deenz<<



Washing Machine

48 second

Advertising Company

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