Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Invest Dalam Stock Market, Invest Dengan Duit Yang Kita Tak Guna

Yes, memang betul. Actually this thing has been highlighted by AE dalam blog beliau. Aku memang setuju 100% even sebelum aku follow blog dia pun, remiser aku dah sarankan aku to only invest when you have spare monies. Logic? Kadang-kadang we never know that the counter yang kita letak duit tu doing great or otherwise, ataupun nak naik dalam masa yang agak la. Memang kena tunggu.
Since memang kena tunggu so it should be okay sebab duit yang kita masukkan itu memang kita tak nak guna at least dalam masa terdekat. Dicipline is a must and also patient too, normal lah kan kalau kita nampak kaunter yang interesting (especially bile remiser aku dah hint) mesti nak masuk cepat-cepat kalau boleh still stick with our objective and be patient.
In stock market, the risk is very high and also full of uncertainty or unpredictable. So, dinasihatkan do your homework carefully before invest dalam mana-mana kaunter and read more on the ups and downs of the respective companies.
Investor yang bijak tidak akan laburkan semua duit mereka dalam investment tools yang berisiko seperti ini, you never know when it will gone wrong. So do your home work, discipline and yes be patient.
Happy investing!

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Kilau Saladin said...

with all the margin n credit facilities who can resist?hahhaha who's ae? which blog

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