Friday, 27 January 2012

Fun new friend (smile)

During karaoke session with my colleagues last year, I still remember when my colleague told me that that she has a friend that she wanted to introduce to me, I was like...erk...really for what reason?

She said, Emm...I don't know well you are single and so does she (i think so), so yeah she gave me her friend's phone number and I asked whether to directly call her or just text. This is no me being single or what not, I just wanted to expand my circle of friends, tak salah kan hahaha

Oh texting will be good for introduction, and I..oh okay then I'm cool with that. Then we just continue our singing session at Red Box The Gardens until god knows the time is hahahahaha...

The next day is Saturday and yes, I randomly texted the number that was given to me last night with so skema introduction

Good Morning K***, I wanted to let you know that your friend has given your number to me last night, so selamat berkenalan - aizuddin

She replied, Oh ok, morning...yeah she did said that she had given my phone number to you and yes selamat berkenalan too

That's it...from that on we've been texting about everything from working life to personal life. It has been fun texting with her as there are a lot that I've learn from her and yes she has a mix-breed cat name Lulu, hye Lulu!

She also very funny, really hope that this new friendship will last long as this is very random

If you are reading this, I'm glad to be your friend


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